Sunday 14 June 2015

Rosary Bouquet for our sisters of the Vanier Centre for Women

Entrance to Vanier Centre for Women, Milton, Ontario 

Dear friends, 

Once again I ask you to join us in prayer for the dear women who are incarcerated in the Vanier Centre for Women. As most readers will know, my dear sister in Christ, Mary Wagner, still remains behind bars for incarnating the love of Christ for unborn babies. But not only does Mary dwell behind bars, but women who are utterly unknown - to us. But they are most intimately known by Our Blessed Saviour, who died a horrible death for each and every one of them. If He could permit Himself to be mocked, scourged, crowned with thorns, and crucified for each of these sisters: can we we not at least offer a Rosary for them? 

I ask you to join us in prayer for our dear sisters. We Catholics should seriously reconsider what we are doing for the lost, the deprived, the forgotten, so that we may bring them His love... 

Please visit the Rosary Bouquet for the Sisters of Vanier to pledge your Rosary. 

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