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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Pope John Paul II: the pansexualist movement is a "cynical hedonism.... a culture of death"

On this very day, in 2003, our now sainted Pope John Paul II wrote:

Forgetfulness of God led to the abandonment of man. It is therefore “no wonder that in this context a vast field has opened for the unrestrained development of nihilism in philosophy, of relativism in values and morality, and of pragmatism – and even a cynical hedonism – in daily life.”

 We are witnessing the emergence of a new culture, largely influenced by the mass media, whose content and character are often in conflict with the Gospel and the dignity of the human person. This culture is also marked by an widespread and growing religious agnosticism, connected to a more profound moral and legal relativism rooted in confusion regarding the truth about man as the basis of the inalienable rights of all human beings. At times the signs of a weakening of hope are evident in disturbing forms of what might be called a “culture of death".

The evil that is the "gay pride parade" is indeed a manifestation of this cynical hedonism, a culture of death. 

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