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Friday, 25 April 2014

Vicariate of Rome: Papal phone call to Argentine divorcee being manipulated by the media to promote a rupture with Church doctrine

Fr. Hector Franceschi, a judge on marriage cases for the Vicariate of Rome, and canon law professor at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross has stated in an interview with the ACI news agency that the Pope has no authority to change Catholic doctrine on marriage. 

He also suggested that the number of stories being circulated in a seemingly organized fashion is indicative of an attempt by powerful, external secular forces to try to force the Pope and bishops at the up-coming Synod on the Family to change the doctrine on the indissolubility of marriage

Fr. Franceschi further states that in an address to the Roman Rota, Pope John Paul II underscored the indissolubility of marriage and that no Pope can ever change this doctrine. 

What is quite evident from the phone call is the mass confusion amongst the laity....what is playing out is another "Humanae vitae" moment. Build up false expectations through the media (helped along in this case by an incredibly foolish phone call from the Pope to persons who were obviously unable to keep a private call, private), then attack the Church mercilessly following the inevitable announcement that the Church cannot reverse the teachings of Her Lord and Master. 

post script. Left out of this picture is the local Ordinary, who is in charge of sacramental discipline in his diocese. Further, something the vile media has no interest in: exceptions to the rule do not make good laws. And, we have every reason to doubt that in this case there is an exception to the rule. It is becoming quite evident that - for whatever reason, and by what forces, we do not know (the same who destroyed the papacy of Benedict XVI?) - the Pope was probably set up.

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

We don't know if she agreed to live as brother and sister in the marriage. But unless he is ill, he probably wouldn't be rejoicing over that! I agree the Church is not going to allow remarried divorcees to receive communion. And the Church cannot change doctrine. But in this case we can't blame some liberal prelate for starting a rumor can we? Maybe the couple's not telling the whole story.

There was another strange story a few weeks ago. The baby daughter of two women who self identify as homosexual was going to be baptized in Argentina. That's okay if someone like the grandmother agrees to teach the child the faith, but in connection with this story the young "couple" of girls were gushing that they were going to be confirmed and married in the Church. Wow. What a misunderstanding. The church can't confirm someone living in sin, with no plans to change. The marriage sounded more like wishful thinking on their part. The evil one likes to confuse everyone. God bless you. Susan Fox