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Saturday, 26 April 2014

SANTO SUBITO! The beloved of Mary: Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I

Forgotten, despised, murdered (?) - Albino Luciani had been chosen by Heaven to reform His Church.... sadly, he passed from this world, far, far too soon. 

We are still overwhelmed at the thought of this tremendous ministry for which we have been chosen: as Peter, we seem to have stepped out on treacherous waters. We are battered by a strong wind. So we turn towards Christ saying: "Lord, save me" (Mt 14:30). Again we hear his voice encouraging and at the same time lovingly reminding us: "Why do you doubt, oh you of little faith." If human forces alone cannot be adequate to the task before us, the help of Almighty God who has guided his Church throughout the centuries in the midst of great conflicts and opposition will certainly not desert us, this humble and most recent servant of the servants of God. Placing our hand in that of Christ, leaning on him, we have now been lifted up to steer that ship which is the Church; it is safe and secure, though in the midst of storms, because the comforting, dominant presence of the Son of God is with it. According to the words of St Augustine, an image dear to the ancient Fathers of the Church, the ship of the Church must not fear, because it is guided by Christ and by his Vicar: "Although the ship is tossed about, it is still a ship. It carries the disciples and it receives Christ. Yes, it is tossed on the sea but without it, one would immediately perish" (Sermon 75,3; PL 38, 475). Only in the Church is salvation: without it one perishes! (Urbi et Orbi, August 27, 1978). 

Pope John Paul I, ora pro nobis

Pope John Paul I (the bishop in "white"?) Albino Luciani

Sincerest thanks to Vox Cantoris for the inspiration for this post. 

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