Saturday 5 April 2014

Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel O.P.: Betrayed by her own?

Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel O.P. with the laity
Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel O.P., as it now stands, following her address at Charlotte Catholic School, has "requested a "sabbatical", with all her scheduled lectures cancelled. Aquinas College's letter explaining the situation is highly reminiscent of Soviet-style double talk.

Her "sin" was referencing sociological studies regarding the causes of same-sex attraction and the effect of single-parent homes on sexual orientation. Details of this school incident are provided by Freyr.  He provides further analysis on the general issue of persecution for the sake of the truth and Christ.

I am providing a number of screenshots that details the extent of Sister Jane's expunging from the College website. What should be a detailed list of Sr. Jane Dominic's lecture schedule etc., has been replaced by a highly distasteful image of Pope John Paul II. We are well aware that the then Holy Father indulged in jest at the time of the photo. However, this situation is no jest: this is a serious case of persecution. 

Before: Information on Sr. Jane's lecture schedule
- now expunged by Aquinas College

After: Censoring everything about Sr. Jane is gone!
And this is no laughing matter
Formerly lecturing in class, Sister now is firmly "locked" in the "closet", silenced. The exact place where the enemies of the Church wish her to be. It is my firm conviction that the real issue of contention is the Church's teaching on homosexuality; the alleged reason a mere pretext to remove this nun. Does one really remove, silence and effectively banish a person for referencing research? Would a mathematician be so treated if a number of studies on astronomy were referred within the context of a lecture? Think about it. It becomes preposterous. 

Details of Sr. Jane's lectures -
expunged from the College website

Further information expunged by the College

 More expunged information on Sr.Jane's lectures

Happier times: Sr. Jane lecturing on morality

What we are seeing here is a witch hunt mentality where the merest misstep against society's new "orthodoxy" will have disastrous consequences. This bears a frightening resemblance to the blacklists circulated during the McCarthy era in the US, or the Soviet psychiatric "hospitals" for religious and other dissenters. Truly Orwellian in scope. All of this is another reminder of Pope John Paul II's warning that a "democracy" without grounding in truth and morality will inevitably slide over into a less and less disguised form of totalitarianism. 

Sr. Jane with a friend

There are some - well meaning no doubt - who may be suggesting to create pressure to reinstate Sister Jane. I would recommend at this stage: prayer, and a renewed devotion to Sister's teachings, which are those of the Church. Pressure campaigns against bishops and religious superiors usually backfire on the persecuted. God will protect Sr. Jane. 

I will be providing two videos - uploaded - of Sr. Jane. One cannot guarantee how long her videos will remain online at the College youtube channel. They provide an excellent outline on her lectures pertaining to the Theology of the Body. Stay tuned. 

Thanks goes to Freyr for his input. 


Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

She is a Nashville Dominican. This is not the first time, they have been pushed out of somewhere. They are noticeably absent from Chicago. They present the truth of the Catholic Faith wherever they settle. People who do not want to accept Catholicism, even Catholics, will always try to run them out of town. The good news is that they are a rapidly growing order, and they are taking over Catholic Schools all over the world and the United States. THIS IS THE NEW EVANGELIZATION. We can have hope. Visit their site. Donate!
Sr. Jane Dominic's picture comes up on their home web page. I thank God for her vocation. God bless you. Susan Fox

Luciano said...

I am speechless. The onslaught against courageous teachers of the faith continue. And the church of "nice", the church that accommodates the world, the church that goes along to get along continues to flounder. Where are our shepherds?

Anonymous said...

Please also consider that the Order is first concerned with Sister Jane Dominic's well-being and safety. Perhaps there is concern that she would be a target, and their concern is not hard to understand. While i can't speak for the Mother Superior, i know from my own personal experience with the Order for a good number of years, that the last thing they want is to be in the public eye. While they are in fact teachers of the Faith, they are also very private; semi-cloistered, if you will, and i would be my life that they just want this unfortunate mess at this so-called Catholic high school in Charlotte to die a quick death....and we should allow the Sisters to handle it the way they think is best.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness you do not understand. She wasn't silenced. She was stupid. Stupid for not realizing that the bible belt has the highest divorce rates in the nation, and telling people that divorce causes gay children, and the bad things that happen to gay people. She just told over 1/3 of those kids that have divorced parents, and by default that they must be gay.

Nancy Blair said...

While my heart breaks at this whole situation, posts like this don't help anyone. Sr Jane Dominic's speaking engagements were cancelled for her own safety and sanity. Can you imagine the protests that would have erupted in front of every high school and parish where she went? Have you seen how ugly those "tolerance" rallies can get? And you want to subject a Bride of Christ to that?
Perhaps Sr Jane Dominic wants to teach the truth without being a lightning rod of controversy. She's an articulate, masterful teacher (for anyone who has been lucky enough to take her classes, you know) but perhaps she doesn't want to be the mascot of this war. And "expunging" her from the website-- really? They took down her schedule because the speaking engagements have been cancelled. I'm pretty sure that's standard procedure when tours, etc are cancelled anywhere. She's still listed as faculty.
I'm not saying what happened is right. But inflammatory posts like this won't help Sr Jane Dominic.

Barona said...

I am expecting the authorities in the Church to defend a loyal nun.

Anna said...

Thank you for this post. Many things to think about. Pray about. If the order was concerned for her safety, they should have said so in their news release,and it is not mentioned once. Instead what does come across is retreat and surrender.
I would hope that was unintentional.

We are praying for Sister Jane Dominic, and Christians everywhere.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Dear Anonymous #2,
So if there is an ugly nest of wasps we need to pretend they are not there or else we might upset the wasps? What if somebody doesn't see the nest and steps in it and gets stung because we were busy being polite?? If divorce is a factor in influencing people towards homosexuality, it doesn't mean that every child of divorce will experience same sex attraction. People are not a mathematical formula. And whether divorce causes some to embrace homosexuality or not, IT DOES HARM CHILDREN. THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT. AND IT IS A VERY SELFISH DECISION unless there is abuse or some other mitigating factor. And I think those families would be able to discern the difference. And I have done door-to-door evangelization in Iowa which has a very similar profile -- a lot of people left the Church because of divorce. And their kids, whom I visited, were devastated. I even had a little boy beg me for a Bible, and when I delivered it I had to set it up against the door and then watch from a distance while he snuck it into the house! Teenagers told me they desperately wanted to return to Church but because of the D-I-V-O-R-C-E, they had been pulled out of regular Mass attendance. And now you tell me Sr. Jane is being persecuted because she mentioned divorce! I'm sorry to see the South, which used to be a region strong in its Christian faith, fall so far down.

I'm glad the sisters are trying to keep this quiet. That is their role, protect Sister Jane. But the purpose of this blog and many other Catholic blogs today is to stir up the hornet's nest and WAKE UP THE CHURCH! If we can't mention divorce then we are sadly failing in the New Evangelization. God bless you. Susan Fox

Freyr said...

Dear Foxes...
No, not wasps but wolves. She was sent out as a sheep amongst wolves and they were looking for the least excuse to pounce on her. Evangelization is dangerous business and I sometimes think that the best you can hope for is that when they come to deliver you up they might at least get the charges right.
Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum

Anonymous said...

This is a strong indication that the American clergy have NOT BEEN "obsessing" over the sexual issues. As long as we have silence from the Vatican we will continue to have these problems, and they will only get worse. The Holy Father needs to wake up and smell the heterodoxy... Millions of souls are at stake.

Anonymous said...

As a former religion teacher at a Catholic high school, I can attest to the fact that teaching the truths of the Catholic Faith are a quick way to get crucified. Even the necessity for Baptism (water, desire, blood), is an excuse for parents to form a lynch mob. Even more so it those parents are wealthy. 2 heart attacks later, I am no longer teaching. God help us. Mrs. Hatke

Anonymous said...

The studies that were supposedly quoted are not considered valid as the statistics are more than fuzzy. I do agree that Sister was hung out to dry. The school district she spoke in has a very organized and predictable manner for disclosure and permission. It was not her role to make certain that parents were notified, and for such sensitive topics that were supposedly covered- get their permission. Also, there is no way to verify what was said as no transcript or video of speech. Also not typical for Mecklenburg Area Catholic schools. Again, I do not believe this was Sr Jane's responsibility. The clergy at the school admitted that he was responsible for the planning/execution of the assembly. He also said although he was surprised at what she discussed he didn't stop her. Children aged 13-19 went home on 3/21 talking about some pretty heavy duty sexual topics, and their parents had no knowledge of an assembly even happening. Often times when things go awry in a school day, communications are sent to inform/explain. None of that occurred. Until the meeting, no one knew who scheduled the assembly. There is now transparency as to who scheduled the meeting, but it seems Sr Jane has all the accountability. The clergy at charlotte catholic did not follow the rules of safety and security that the diocese has set forth. Why is there no accountability for the staff, who should've known better? They apparently think they don't have to follow the rules to Protect God's Children, and these actions dishonor all of the teachers, administration, clergy, staff, and parents who vigilantly follow the rules of safety/security to keep our kids safe. Bringing a stranger in without knowledge or permission to discuss sexual topics with minors is inappropriate, whether you like the message or not. There is now scrutiny and suspicion of the clergy at the school which is unfortunate, but understandable. It is also unfortunate that sr Jane, must continue to pay the price for others mistakes.

Emil F. Gies said...

I disagree with the President of Aquinas College re the use of anthropological, sociological and psychological studies while writing or talking on what I call applied theology. I think it reasonable to use such studies to shed light on human nature. I think that Sr. Jane's mistake was in her choice of studies. Apparently, she didn't adequately research such material. If she had, she would have discovered contradictory studies on the same subjects.

+Dr. Karl Buchanan said...

When people face hard times, they gravitate back to the church and the real teachings. When they see what the people they are defending by the church really do, first thing, when hard times come, they reverse their positions, repent of promoting it and say the nuclear family is the only really successful model that upholds everybody in the family. It is bizarre how this ultra catering to lgbtqp and fatherless has become a visciously enforced business, of an institution that spent almost two millenia saying "Don't let this happen to you. It is a terrible thing." and promoting human happiness, integrity, wholesomeness and contentment. Everybody being taken for a big ride if you ask me. Using delusion and the most unfortunate

+Dr. Karl Buchanan said...

Being silenced but present still and standing with the astonished