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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Welsh Fascists attack Catholic Church

British Union of Fascists -
will this replace the Union Jack ? 
The local Welsh government - following devolution - has attacked the Catholic schools in Wales, claiming that they may have violated the Schools Act by not having a "balanced" view on so-called "same sex marriage". This is all pure fascism... The Welsh Education Minister, a repugnant fascist - Leighton Andrews - is leading the persecution.

Pius XI's counter-attack against the Italian Fascists is well worth a read.

 "And here We find Ourselves confronted by a mass of authentic affirmations and no less authentic facts which reveal beyond the slightest possibility of doubt the resolve (already in great measure actually put into effect) to monopolize completely the young, from their tenderest years up to manhood and womanhood, for the exclusive advantage of a party and of a regime based on an ideology which clearly resolves itself into a true, a real pagan worship of the State - the "Statolatry" which is no less in contrast with the natural rights of the family than it is in contradiction with the supernatural rights of the Church. To propose and to promote such a monopoly to persecute for this reason Catholic Action, as has been done for some time more or less openly or under cover to reach this end by striking at the Catholic Association of Youth as has lately been done; all this is truly and literally to "forbid the little children to go to Jesus Christ," since it impedes their access to His Church and where His Church is, there is Jesus Christ. This usurpation goes so far as to snatch the young from Christ and His Church even with violence".
Mussolini with the British traitor, Oswald Mosley

Just because we fought Fascists and Nazis 70 years ago does not mean that we cannot slowly succumb to "statolatry". The late Holy Father, John Paul II warned again and again, that the State without morals would slide into a form of totalitarianism. 


Freyr said...

I'm missing something here. Leighton Andrews is a Labor MP according to my research. What is his connection to the British Union of Fascists? You might have enlightened us about the 1996 Education Act and how it infringes on the rights of Catholic schools in Great Britain. Instead you attack the person. Shameful.

Barona said...

Unfortunately the person metes out a particular point. I cannot attack what Stalin does, but leave him a free man to walk the streets to rape and pillage.

This man used a technicality to attack the Catholic Church, leaving various independent Islamic schools/madrasas within his jurisdiction without criticism.

michael cridland said...

Leighton Andrews is not a MP but an member of the National Assembly for Wales as well as the Labour minister of Education in Wales, your characterization of him as a “Fascist” is extreme and absurd. He was not just singling out the Roman Catholic Church. The hierarchy in England and Wales had circulated a petition in the state supported Catholic schools defending the tradition and Catholic teaching on Marriage.
He was not just singling out the Catholic Church out of the blue. Leighton Andrews certainly cannot force the schools to teach “gay marriage” that would a violation of the European Charter on Human Rights concerning religious freedom.