Wednesday 23 May 2012


Fr. Hans Kung in calling for disobedience to Pope Benedict has completed the circle with extremist "traditionalists" and assorted sedevacantists... In his rebellion, driven by the imminent reconciliation between Rome and Econe, the sad priest has completely fallen into schism and, as such, openly confirms his many material heresies. Only a formal act of the Church judging Kung to be a pertinacious heretic would place this poor soul into formal heresy. 

A final thought - Bishop Fellay accepts 95% of Vatican II; Hans Kung probably 5%. The upside of this fiasco is that the Holy father can see more clearly what his ruling should be regarding the SSPX. 

Thank-you Hans Kung for emphasizing inadvertently the absolute necessity of "bringing home" the SSPX in a formal canonical resolution, and you - if you have the courage (think Martin Luther - yes, at least that heretic packed his bags and left) should depart from the Church. Far better yet: repent, and retire to a Monastery...

The full story of Kung's buffonery may be read here.

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