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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

SSPX-Rome: The Discussions continue....

Andrea Tornielli, from Vatican Insider has a detailed review of today's happenings in Rome. Firstly, the communique should not be regarded as a step-back, but, rather as a reflection of realities: the position of Bp. Fellay, the position/s of the three other SSPX bishops (especially considering their letter to the Superior General), as well as the various positions held within the CDF. For example, Bishop Muller, is known to have a negative opinion of the Society...

Various cardinals...have expressed objections and data of the ballots with reservation. The outcome of this articulated argument will be taken probably already the day after tomorrow to Benedict XVI from Cardinal William Levada, Prefect of the former Holy Office. The opinion of the “Feria quarter” does not bind the Pope, being able to examine the opinions expressed from everyone of the members, and who can decide in full autonomy.

Update: Catholic News Service carries a review of today's proceedings.
               Radio Vatican - in French. 

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