Tuesday, 24 October 2017

BREAKING VATICAN COVERUP: drugs and gay orgy Monsignor secretly removed from Pontifical Council of Legislative Texts

Luigi Capozzi: The homosexual and coke-snorting prelate in his official Vatican website photo

In early August, Italian media began to report that Monsignor Luigi "Cocaine" Capozzi was removed from a palatial Vatican apartment, where he had organized a drug-fueled homosexual orgy. Capozzi was a high-ranking (and evidently high-flying Monsignor in more ways than one) at the Pontifical Council of Legislative Texts. After Italian media smoked out the active homosexual prelate, the Roman authorities began the usual cover-up.

Greg Burke, pawn of the Holy See Press Office, eventually informed the world that the Holy See would not comment on the orgy, or on Capozzi's bag of cocaine that he was caught in possession of, when police burst into the luxurious palatial rooms where the prelate, other churchmen, and very likely transvestite male prostitutes were engaged in homosexual acts. 

I mention male homosexual transvestites, as reports from Rome suggest that this seems to be the preferred type of deviant by homosexual churchmen. Imagine that: priests, bishops and drag queens snorting coke and engaging in homosexual acts in opulent surroundings paid for by the widow's mite. Can a greater hatred of Jesus Christ and His Church be imagined? 

Luigi "Cocaine" Capozzi all smiles on the Vatican website!

Luigi "Cocaine" Capozzi is gone!

The first reaction by the Roman churchmen was to do nothing. Such is their distain and contempt for the Catholic in the pew. A few weeks later they removed Capozzi's photograph from the Pontifical Council of Legislative Texts. The pervert though, remained a full member. 

Now, it would seem, the homosexual deviant and hard drug user has been removed - surreptitiously of course - by the Roman churchmen. 

So there we have it! Cocaine Capozzi finally removed! What does this mean?! 


Sadly, though, it means one other thing: these evil churchmen have yet to publicly admit that Capozzi and other prelates, along with male homosexual transvestites were engaged in a drug-fueled orgy. So disgustingly effeminate, so emasculated are these runts who occupy the Vatican, that they do not even have the guts to admit Capozzi is an active sodomite and that orgies take place on Vatican Hill! 

However, it also means something else. Capozzi, a practicing homosexual and possessor and distributor of hard drugs has not been handed over to the Italian authorities for prosecution. It also means that the Vatican itself, with its new so-called "criminal code" is refusing to prosecute Capozzi for possession and distribution of cocaine (c.f. Article 42, whereby Capozzi should receive a jail sentence of no less than six years). Nor, is the Vatican informing Catholics that Capozzi will be laicized after the committal of his abominable crimes. Catholics should note well that it is not a criminal act to engage in homosexual activity in the Vatican City State. Very interesting. 

Friends, this all means that the sexually immoral acts and crimes committed by Capozzi and his fellow-clerical conspirators in the Vatican, are not being taken seriously by the highest ranking churchmen. This so-called "Criminal Code" is a farce. Talk is cheap on Vatican Hill. These men have as much determination to charge and jail Capozzi, then they have in bringing in proper catechesis, in cleaning up the schools and universities from dissenting teachers, in providing a decent liturgy for our parishes. Indeed, why would active sodmites want to do anything but destroy the Catholic Faith? 

Truth to tell, the only thing being taken seriously by these churchmen is that the orgy actually was exposed and that the cash flow from the dumb sheeplike laity, might slow down. As long as the cash continues to flow, these evil churchmen will allow the sodomite partie to continue. Friends, please, please stop giving your hard-earned money to these jet-setting traitors and rebels. 

Just how many homosexuals are in the Vatican? 

Just how many are bishops?

How many are Cardinals?

How many of these sodomites also engage in pedophilia? 

Italian media report there are at least 200 known pedophile priests in Italy! Imagine that! Just one country! How many are there in Canada, the USA? The mind boggles with the horror of it! 

With all of these facts before us, these men even dared to stage a phony "conference" on child "sex abuse"! Imagine that! 

Catholics need to know just how many Judas-priests occupy the Vatican, serving not Our Lord Jesus Christ, but working for Lucifer. 

A word of caution. Do not let these Judases drive you from Christ's Church. Do not let these toxic traitors drive you to schism or heresy! One act of schism or heresy does not deserve another! Beware of the Devil, friends! 

I have a final word for these traitors: Our Lord is in total control of His Church. All is proceeding as He has foreseen. He is the Victor. 

Truly it is always darkest before the dawn!  


Aged parent said...

This post brought tears to my eyes because it is so unimaginable that the Church has sunk so low into depravity. But we need to know these things and I am grateful to you for writing it.

At the header of my own blog, The Eye-Witness, I have always posted this remark by Hilaire Belloc. The background to this quote is a letter of despair at what was happening in Church and State in her time, the 1930's!

Belloc responded: "Do not, I beg you, be troubled by forces already dissolved. You have mistaken the hour of the night. It is already morning".

John F. Kennedy said...

"o there we have it! Cocaine Capozzi finally removed!"

It means the website has been edited. Without a confirmation that he has been removed it "means" nothing.