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Friday, 28 April 2017

Loretto College in Toronto supports deviant sex: how a once Catholic high school has fallen

A few years ago there was the controversy of "gay-straight alliances".  In a desperate attempt to square the circle, to prove that two and two are "five", the Catholic authorities in Ontario came up with "Respecting differences". In other words, Catholics were told that we were to respect the differences of the lifestyles and opinions of those who acted and held opinions contrary to Christ and His Church.

[warning: the following contains explicit language]

Bluntly, very bluntly, I say - very regrettably - that we were being told that sodomy, felching, fisting, rimming etc. were to be accepted as "differences", and equal to the the holy acts proper to Holy Matrimony.

Notwithstanding the perversity of homosexual deviance, Loretto College in Toronto has gone "gay". A once outstanding Catholic girls school turned to utter corruption and decadence.

For all this, OECTA is promoting this evil and rejoicing. The Toronto District is likewise rejoicing. The Trustees are at minimum silent, if not rejoicing. The Archdiocese? Dear friends, sadly, tragically, they are silent. 

Do not be deceived, my dear friends, the Catholic school system in Ontario is corrupt from top to bottom. It is pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-heresy. Above you see the poison of "Catholic" education.  Teachers, children publicly holding up the "rainbow" flag, as sign of utter perversion? What perversion you ask? I answer the insertion of the male reproductive organ into another man's rectum; mutual masturbation between men with men, and women with women..... all being promoted as good, virtuous, Catholic by the vile lying and deceiving perverts who control Loretto College. 

So, not be fooled dear friends. Our Lord wedded the Church 2000 years ago. The union of one man with one woman is a mystical reflection of this eternal Union between Christ and His Bride, the Church. When we begin to understand the Union between Our Lord and the Church, we begin to understand the blasphemy and perversity that is homosexuality. We begin to understand why it is considered one of the greatest of evils. It is a blasphemy against the Lord of Love and Life. 

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Everyday For Life Canada said...

Loretto Colllege is not an exception. The Catholic schools in Ontario are now just provincially funded public schools. The implementation of the radical sex curriculum 2015, the establishemnet of gay/straight school clubs and the recognition of gender identity are the latest evidence of this sad outcome. We get government money and in return we have sold the state our chikldren's souls. To believe otherwise is to be in denial.