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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

BOMBSHELL: US Congress under the influence and control of a foreign power! ~ IT IS NOT Russia!

Sheldon Edelson: AIPAC powerhouse and buyer of politicians. 

We have heard much about the alleged Russian influence during the US Presidential elections of 2016. The media seem to think it is a grave indiscretion, if true. Notwithstanding the desperate efforts to conjure up such a link, none is forthcoming. 

However, there is a foreign government that actually does exert overwhelming influence and power over the US Congress. So powerful is this lobby, so massive is its influence: on Wall Street, in the media, entertainment, Hollywood, academia, that virtual terror grips people when this powerful lobby is mentioned. So powerful is this lobby, that even Catholics who excoriate Mohommedan encroachment, are silent on the morally destructive influence this lobby and its allies exert over nations. So powerful is this lobby that it even sponsors foreign trips by US lawmakers to a foreign country to "educate" said Congress in its favour. NOT one word from the media, which this same entity controls. 

I speak of AIPAC. Such is the power of this lobby that it drives from office any senator or congressman who dares oppose its worldview. It controls both the Republican and Democrat Parties. Presidents bow with reverence before it. Churchmen grovel - if not before AIPAC - before its allies, such as the ADL etc. 

Don't dare talk about Islam or other powers threatening the nations of the world unless you are prepared to admit the most powerful lobby of them all. Do not forget, oh dear enemies of Islam, that the Koran is based on the Talmud. To deal with an effect, dear readers, you must deal with the cause. 

On a final note, never forget the words of the Apostle: he who denies that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of Antichrist. Make no mistake, AIPAC, its allies and agents are servants of the devil, are of the Antichrist, are what the Apostle called the "Synagogue of Satan". 


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Wolverine said...

Ah truth!!! God bless!!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned the unmentionable.
Media personalities are not allowed to discuss this topic.
Remember all the trouble Ann Coulter received during the 2016 election?