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Daniel P Horan, OFM., has been reacting like an immature schoolboy caught with his finger in the cookie jar. 

Unmasked for his support of the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and pro-gender-ideology of the repugnant feminist "Women's March", he is now frantically tweeting about "trolls", "demons", and then laying out for us a chaotic self-described definition of what it means to be "pro-life". 

In his childish and confusing tweets we find Horan equating killing babies with homosexuality, "misogyny" and "Islamophobia". Obviously, Horan is a neophyte on Twitter and has been completely caught off guard. This seems like it is the first time that he, as a dissenter, has been discovered and called out by Catholics. 

But all of this is but a recent side show from an individual who does not understand social media and continues to dig himself into an elephant trap of his own making. Narcissism has definite drawbacks. 

A little bit of research informs us that Horan has been a dissenter for quite a while. His strange opinions did not just emerge with the election of Donald Trump and the subsequent reaction to the election by the worst of American society (feminists, fascists (e.g. communists, statists, globalists etc.,), secularists, gender ideologists... 

However, the National Catholic Reporter states this: 

"Daniel Horan is one of those hip young priests that the new evangelization dreams of".

In June, 2016, Vox Cantoris unmasked this malefactor for his strange promotion of homosexuality alongside "Amoris Laetitia". Apparently, Horan seems to think that two men holding hands has something to do with love. However, God does not think so. Sacred Scripture condemns homosexuality as always and everywhere a grave sin. 

Vox, rightly wrote: 

When Daniel Horan dies, he will see their faces for all eternity in Hell for not calling them out of their sin and instead leaving them in it.

Men such as Horan are homosexualists. They hate Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Truth. The proof is in their actions. 

They are undermining the Faith and committing evil by their actions and inactions. They must be called out.

Two "men" holding hands on Horan's Youtube presentation of "The Joy of Love" 

Not enough, Horan returned to promoting homosexuality again. This time, in July of 2015, when the Supreme Court of the United States saw fit to proclaim that marriage could now be confected between (for now) two men or two women, Horan wrote an approving article in the ultra-modernist, America (also quoted approvingly in the militant homosexual propaganda outfit, New Ways Ministries). Horan provides us with these three gems in his pro-same sex tirade: 

As a Christian, the “joys and hopes” of the LGBT women and men who have cried out for the recognition of their human dignity and value, these are the “joys and hopes” of me today.

It would appear that today’s decision could align well with this call for the church to “overcome and eradicate” such discrimination and affirm the “fundamental rights of the person.”

After all, it is interesting that 56 percent of Catholics express support for same-sex marriage, according to a 2015 Pew survey.

Typically of Horan (if one reads his Tweets), he contradicts himself. After devoting all his energies to informing us how wonderful the ruling of the Court was, Horan then tries to claim that he upholds Catholic teaching on marriage but "still" dreams of upholding what he calls "the dignity of the person". 


Horan also claimed that it was "appalling" that people would consider the Supreme Court's "tragic". In other words, Horan is telling us that State sanctioned unnatural sexual acts masquerading as "marriage", will not undermine Holy Matrimony and Society. 

"...the decisions on Wednesday were absolutely not tragic. That anyone would say that — and this quote has circulated widely in subsequent days — strikes me as quite appalling. 

Wednesday’s decisions, as best I can tell, affect no one for the worse. They do not threaten different-sex marriages. They do not ruin the foundations of our society".

Surely Horan is aware that Catholic teaching holds that marriage has always, everywhere been and will forever be between one man and one woman. Catholic teaching on marriage extends to all of humanity. Is Horan unaware that two pagans can confect a valid, though non-sacramental marriage? The Book of Genesis is explicit, "male and female He created them". Horan is being very deceptive when claiming that he holds one set of rules for Catholics but another for others. Two and two is four is universal; just as marriage is. Period. 

But, it goes further.   

Horan, does not once ever speak of sin. 

Not once, in his gushing endorsement of "civil" homosexual so-called marriage ever draw our attention to the abominable, sinful actions being committed between the homosexuals within their so-called marriages. 

St. Paul warns us: " And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error." (Roman, 1:27). 

Likewise, St. Jude: "In like manner, Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, who indulged in sexual immorality and pursued strange flesh, are on display as an example of those who sustain the punishment of eternal fire." (1 Jude 7). 

[warning: the following passage contains graphic language identifying certain sexual acts committed by homosexuals and lesbians]

Not once does Horan mention that these homosexuals will engage in unnatural sexual activity, which is, always and everywhere, gravely sinful. Not once, does Horan tell us that the Supreme Court implicitly told Americans that: anal "sex", that mutual masturbation be it by hand or mouth, that fisting, felching, golden showers, rimming etc. and the various activities that homosexuals and lesbians undertake in what they call "love making", are in fact horrible blasphemous caricatures and mockeries of the holy, sacred sacramental exchange between a husband and wife in holy matrimony. Not once does this Friar mention that marriage is a reflection of the union between Christ and His Church. 

Yet what does Horan inform us? 

Well, he gloats over the horrendous 56% of so-called Catholics who believe that rimming and fisting are to be compared to the sacred Union between husband and wife. 

Catholic teaching is that, when in the state of Grace, a husband and wife actually convey sacramental grace to each other be their holy Union. 

The promotion of homosexuality is an effort to equate Holy Matrimony with unnatural sexual acts. This is an abomination.   

What does all this say about his Superiors? 

What does this say about Theodore McCarrick, the man who ordained him? 

Vade retro Satana!


Momentum Veritatis said...

Great post, perfect points.

Kathleen1031 said...

Thank you for saying it. We have to face it and figure out how to deal with it, our church is filled with homosexuals. This goes right up to the top, obviously, none of us can sincerely claim not to know this, and it is also coming to us as a personal responsibility. We all want to remain Catholics, but can we continue to support this horrible reality by giving money in the offertory every week? To any Bishop's Appeal? Personally, we are done with it. It is at the point where we are supporting these homosexuals or homosexualists. The fact that our church not only says nothing about this but clearly is supporting homosexual priests is reason enough. The pope reinstated a priest who was ousted by Pope Benedict. He put back IN a Catholic priest who molested boys in the CONFESSIONAL, and told them God would want them to have sex. What kind of people are WE, who continue to support the men who bugger little boys or young men, corrupting and laying waste to their spiritual lives, or men who pretend not to see said buggery?? God help US for continuing to support this vile nest of homosexual predators. Where you have homosexuals, you have boy buggery. This has always been so.

Unknown said...

Well apparently the Catholic church is not hiding the fact that they espouse behavior that clearly is not from the word of God. The church has done NOTHING to distance themselves from this horrendous scandal of pedophilia and altar boys, and have all but embraced it. I was born into the Catholic religion being from an Irish catholic family but saw many things that did not sit well with me. I found the Lord and the holy spirit in a non denominational christian church.