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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Video of Cardinal Bergoglio participating in false worship services with Jews ~ not to proclaim Jesus Christ is the greatest act of anti-semitism

"If, then, the Jews fail to know the Father, if they crucified the Son, if they thrust off the help of the Spirit, who should not make bold to declare plainly that the synagogue is a dwelling of demons? God is not worshipped there. Heaven forbid! From now on it remains a place of idolatry. But still some people pay it honor as a holy place".
St. John Chrysostom, Adversos Judaeos, Homilia 1

"...the ceremonies of the Mosaic Law were abrogated by the coming of Christ and that they can no longer be observed without sin after the promulgation of the Gospel".
Pope Benedict XIV, Ex Quo

Cardinal Bergoglio in a worship service that denies 
Our Lord Jesus Christ came in the flesh 
For a Catholic to participate in the religious services of those who explicitly deny that Our Lord Jesus Christ came in the flesh as the Messiah is a grave mortal sin, it is blasphemy. Participating in any Jewish religious rites is an act of denying Our Lord. 

Bergoglio taking active part in a Jewish worship service 
Sadly, Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio participated in Jewish services. Tragically, he was not disciplined, removed from Office. We now have a religious indifferentist sitting on the Throne of Peter. St. Peter - a Jew - was not a religious indifferentist. When asked by his countrymen what should they do, St. Peter proclaimed Our Lord Jesus Christ (a Jew of the House of David); over 5000 men alone were converted. St. John - a Jew - was absolutely adamant: those who deny that Jesus Christ came in the flesh are of the devil (c.f. 1 John 2:22; 4:3). St. Paul - a Jew - is no less lenient. Yes, the call is irrevocable to the Jewish Nation: but it is to conversion, not to remain in darkness, error and sin. It is to fulfillment in Christ Jesus, who, according to the flesh was a Jew; His Mother being the Lily of Israel. 

Bergoglio with one of his friends 
The first Jewish Pope proclaimed: 
"You crucified Jesus Christ...He is that stone, rejected by you, the builders, that has become the chief stone at the corner. Salvation is not to be found elsewhere; this alone of all the names under heaven has been appointed to men as the one by which we must needs be saved". (Acts, 4, 10-12)
A "priest" who was with Bergoglio at the false worship service
Cardinal Bergoglio committed objectively two grave sins in the Synagogue: his first sin was participating in a lie, in a false religion; his second sin was not proclaiming Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Archbishop of Buenos Aires sinned in implicitly denying Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Those indeed were the days.... days of communio in sacris 

Compare the outrage of Bergoglio and his priests in the Argentine synagogue to the holy words of Sr. Rosalind Moss, a Jewish convert.

Now, behold Bergoglio: 


Aussietomt said...

The comments of Sister Moss and those of Pope Francis do not appear to have downloaded.
How we miss Sister Moss on Catholic Radio whilst she is on her retreat in Europe.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

When I first became aware of this, a couple of years ago, I knew immediately that Bergoglio is not a Catholic, because he denies the divinity of Jesus Christ. What he did here could be compared to honouring and celebrating with those who offend one's father, but is really much worse, because as a Cardinal he didn't proclaim the only true God, who is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

And yet, Bergoglio has been elected to deny the only true God - as no other than the pope. What is truly shocking is this - some Catholics, well aware of his religious indifferentism and denial of Christ, insist on being scandalized by lesser offences, as though denying Jesus is is not the biggest offence of them all, that disqualifies him not just as the pope, but simply as a Catholic.

We have supposedly faithful cardinals, who vehemently deny not being supportive of this destroyer of the Catholic Church, a dangerous deceiver, leading many souls to hell.

If he believes this too fundamentalist and literalist a belief, he has no right to call himself a Catholic.

Martina Katholik said...

The rabbi in the first photo on the left is Sergio Bergman:

Argentine Rabbi Appointed Minister in Newly Elected Macri Government
Sergio Bergman, who will start his new position on December 10, is believed to be the only rabbi serving as a government minister outside of Israel.
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