Thursday 30 October 2014

Thomas Rosica, CSB - activist journalism for dissent in the Church

Thomas Rosica, CSB: a member of the Adulterist Party? 

The Holy See Press Office has on its staff those involved in activist journalism, on the side of those who would permit the divorced and civilly "remarried" to receive Holy Communion - this lifestyle, however they wish to call it, is entitled "adultery" according to Sacred Scripture. St. Pope John Paul II, in Familiaris consortio, reiterated Church doctrine on this matter, and has placed a huge road block in the road, contra the "Adulterist Party". 

Thomas Rosica, prior to the Synod, and during and after continues to engage in activist journalism in favour of the Adulterist Party. His most recent activist undertaking is busily retweeting articles by dissident nun, Sr. Mary Ann Walsh' - such as her claim that the refusal of Holy Communion to those who obstinately expound a pro-abortion position is due to a cultural war.

The nun writes: "Sadly, some have used the Eucharist in cultural skirmishes, treating Communion, for example, as a reward for a correct political position on abortion". Thus, abortion - "an unspeakable crime  - according to the Second Vatican Council, is now a "political position". And, seemingly, Thomas Rosica approves of this. 

Just this morning, Rosica busily engaging in activism for the Adulterists, links approvingly to an even more recent article where Walsh claims the following: 

The column resists ideas about revising...steps to allow persons who have divorced and remarried to receive Holy Communion. Mr. Douthat connects the issue to an overall change in tone proposed by some bishops at the recent Synod on the Family who spoke pastorally about same-sex and other relationships, such as living together without benefit of wedlock. Mr. Douthat seems to reject any Catholic nuance when it comes to dealing with morality.

The matter of the Holy See Press Office actively engaging on the side of the Adulterist Party is a very grave matter. They have rapidly lost credence with Catholics, who are seeking information from other sources. This is regrettable, but understandable. Is it any wonder why we got spin, equivocation, distortion and manipulation during and after the Synod? Thanks to the internet, the "firewall" of the HSPO was quickly demolished, and the truth came out. 

Thomas Rosica, CSB: a member of the Homosexualist Party? 

Rosica's Salt and Light TV station continued to give the lie that "delicate" issues were raised at the Synod; that the interim relatio was the fruit of rigorous debate on this particular "delicate" issue. Absolute nonsense and rubbish advocacy "journalism" in favour of the "Homosexualist Party". Three individuals raised this issue; one, surreptitiously inserted the propaganda, only to have it pulled by outraged Fathers. The damage was done however, as the Homosexualists gleefully knew it would be.

Rosica has, earlier this year claimed the Pope is not obsessed with homosexuality. He has conveniently not reemphasized that the Pope called "same-sex marriage", diabolical; nor has he informed us of the words of the Holy Father in denouncing false associations of people claiming to be a marriage. 

It would seem that the ones obsessed with associations were those who vilely inserted the three destructive paragraphs into the interim relatio. The obsessors are the media, the HSPO, and yes, Fr. Rosica who keeps bringing up a non-issue. The Catholic Church's official position on homosexuality is contained within the Catechism (augmented by statements from the CDF e.g. Persona humana etc.). And how can we forget Rosica's recent blasphemous coment that the Holy Family was "irregular"? 

Thomas Rosica, CSB: a pick and choose cultural warrior?

It is also quaint to see Rosica bring up the question of culture wars, as he himself conducted a sub-cultural war against peaceful protestors outside the Newman Centre in Toronto a few years ago. Catholics wished, at that time to quietly, peacefully express - on public property - their opposition to Rosica inviting his friend, Professor Gregory Baum ( a very well known dissenter) to address the Newman Centre. The merits of the invitation may be debated; it actually can be a good thing to engage in healthy debate; the issue is, not so much the invitation, but Rosica's calling of the police to clear the non-violent protestors away. 

Thomas Rosica, CSB: activist and dissenter?

It is quite evident that Fr. Rosica is not so much a journalist, but a  strident activist, a dissenter. He could do himself two good things: get, read and conform to the Catechism of the Catholic Church; and he could visit the website "Get Religion" to learn how to report on religious matters. And, while he is at it, he should stop cheapening the Papacy: the Pope is the Vicar of Jesus Christ. One really begins to wonder how a man who apparently holds down a multitude of "jobs" finds the time to tweet such profanity? 

Better yet, Mr. Gagliano, pull the financial plug on this man. His support of the ex-priest and heretic, Baum; his suing of the Fountain of Love and Life brings shame. Most Holy Father reform the curia, the Secretariat of State, the Holy See Press Office and drive these clerical careerists out of Rome. The  stench is nauseating. 

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It seems Fr Rosica is a homosexualist more than anything.