Friday 24 October 2014

Michael Coren is still supporting the homosexualist relatio that was rejected by the bishops at the Synod of the Family

Confused Catholic, Michael Coren, who consistently opposes "same-sex marriage", but equally consistently rejects the Catechism of the Catholic Church's complete teaching on homosexuality, on October 18th, published an article taking great pleasure in the gravely erroneous interim report that, for example,  Archbishop Stankiewicz of Riga called a "counterfeit gospel". I'd rather go with the Archbishop than Coren. That homosexuality was only raised by three participants at the Synod, that the interim relatio position on homosexuality was utterly rejected seems to not disturb Coren's heterodox position at all. 

After all, not a few years ago, on one of his TV programmes, in a moment of rare and raw truth, Coren did admit that he really did not know too much about Catholicism. Then stop writing about it, man! Or is the lust for cash just too much of a temptation? 

The best refutation of Coren's preposterous position on homosexuality has come from Pastor Joe Boot. I strongly recommend all to re-read it. 

As for Coren, in typical Corenist fashion, his latest combines falsehood with mockery - never, of course,  actually dealing with the issues:

Now, lo and behold, the preliminary report from the General Assembly of the Synod of the Bishops has stated that gay people have “gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community” and some gay couples provide each other “mutual aid to the point of sacrifice” and “precious support in the life of the partners.”
The language may seem moderate and even inadequate -- but, believe me, within Catholic circles it is downright revolutionary. Remember, the church has up to now taught that homosexuality is “a grave depravity.” The truly radical nature of this departure is illustrated by the reaction of many on the Catholic right. They are apoplectic!
Various apologists will claim that none of this indicates a change, that it’s just about style, that the church still opposes same-sex marriage and so on, but that’s mere spin. The door has been opened and cannot be closed again. I predict many Catholics leaving for the breakaway, ultra-orthodox Society of St. Pius X but more returning to a church they abandoned long ago because they see a new relevance and kindness.


Brian said...

Good post

Coren is a good example of weather vane Catholicism. Like most "Catholics", marinated in Modernism, he will keep on mutating. "I think I am a Catholic therefore I am", is how many of Coren's ilk would justify their Catholicism.

Slurring the SSPX as ultra-orthodox, is actually an unintended compliment. Yes, the SSPX, despite not having faculties, is orthodox. From an SSPX pulpit you will get descriptive and prescriptive clarity on doctrine, something that is, all to often, missing from the conciliar counterpart. Michael what is the alternative? your heterodoxis? No thanks! I do hope that many will jump off the carousel, that is conciliar Catholicism, and start attending a traditional (FSSP, ICKSP, SSPX et al.)chapel. I do wonder how many conciliar pulpits, around the world, have loudly and clearly come to the support of Cardinal Burke and his courageous stand against the manipulation of the synod by Francis' Committee of Public Safety. No doubt SSPX pulpits have. Perhaps Coren should move to Newfoundland. Archbishop Currie might have an opening is the diocesan catechesis department.

Freyr said...

Coren has taken the easy way out, embracing a feel good religion instead of a faith that makes constant demands. Oddly enough a CNN commentator seems to have understood what happened at the synod far better than Coren does, and he is far from friendly.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Well Freyr when people like Patrick Hornbeck are disappointed in the Synod, even the first version of the report, I am very very encouraged. God bless you. Susan Fox