Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Bandera genocide against Polish women and children in Wolhynia 1943

Stepan Bandera, the "hero" of so-called Ukrainian nationalists, was a sadistic and bestial murderer of well over one hundred thousand Poles. His military Nazi units also were responsible for exterminating at least 9000 Jews in 1941.  His fanaticism also led his debased followers to even murder Ukrainians who did not approve of his vile activities. 

This loathsome creature is presently receiving a posthumous hero's welcome in Kiev. American Senator, John McCain, who distinguishes himself in outrageous foreign buffoonery, outdid himself this past January, by sharing the stage in Kiev with "Banderowscy". 

The Ukraine will never heal unless this sad nation comes to terms with her dark past. All nations have made mistakes, some disastrous: it is the mark of a mature people to admit to mistakes, which may include evil crimes. 

The following video is a heart-rending memorial to Polish women and children murdered by Bandera's OUN-UPA paramilitary. 

May God grant the Ukrainian nation peace and reconciliation. 

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