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Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Thought of Pope Francis: Obedience and the Church

Lost in the "excitement" over the recent papal interviews, are far deeper reflections by the Holy Father, where, if we spend some time, we can discern his thoughts on quite a number of things. 

In a homily on the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola the Holy Father had these words on obedience and the Church, words which - sadly - a number of his fellow Jesuits (and not only) have forgotten, or simply ignored: 

Christ is our life! Likewise the centrality of Christ corresponds to the centrality of the Church: they are two focal points that cannot be separated: I cannot follow Christ except in the Church and with the Church. And in this case too we Jesuits — and the entire Society — are not at the centre, we are, so to speak, a corollary, we are at the service of Christ and of the Church, the Bride of Christ Our Lord, who is our holy Mother the hierarchical Church (cf. EE, 353). Men rooted in and founded on the Church: this is what Jesus wants us to be. There can be no parallel or isolated path. Yes, ways of research, creative ways, this is indeed important: to move out to the periphery, the many peripheries. For this reason creativity is vital, but always in community, in the Church, with this belonging that gives us the courage to go ahead. Serving Christ is loving this actual Church, and serving her generously and in a spirit of obedience.

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