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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Is your Facebook friend really a fiend?

Etymologically, friend derives from the Old English, freond. Enemy, in Old English was a feond. This loss of such a word, takes with it the striking force that one simple letter, changes a friend into an enemy. No doubt the Englishman, before the Invasion understood well how easily a friend could metamorphosis into an enemy, and his language reflected this reality. Sadly, this richness is lost with the corruption of English by Norman-French.  

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Good Question! And it's important to remember that these so-called "Friends" can see every move you make on Facebook. So if you are teenager friended with your mother, she can see what you are up to! So can that strange man you never met in person, who joined your list in a thoughtless moment. And by the way he probably doesn't look anything like his picture in real life.

Also you should remember that male predators can pose as elderly Christian women or just about anything by creating a false Facebook account, false newsfeed, false bio, false education. So a good rule of thumb is not to friend anyone unless you know them in real life. But there is a further caveat, people can create false Facebook pages identical to those of people you know in real life. I just friended a priest friend, whom I forgot I was already friended with. Come to find out Father xxxx had an evil twin, identical Facebook page. We still don't know who is behind the evil twin page, but he has been asking Fr. xxxx's friends for money. So you can see the danger here.

Set your settings so only your friends can see your posts and comment.
And if you are a teenager, parents should always be on your friends list. God bless you. Susan Fox