Friday 28 June 2013


As I read the news on the various terrible scandals that have and are hitting the Church - abuse of minors (the vast majority young boys and youthful men) by predator priests; Pope Francis' statement on the "Gay Lobby" in the Curia,  the horrendous news out of my home country, Scotland on a powerful "gay mafia" I am deeply grieved. 

I am incredibly saddened that this weekend in Toronto the "Gay Pride" Parade will take place. It is bad enough that elected officials, police (who will stand by and allow criminal acts to happen) and others will be, in various degrees participating - but it is another thing for the Church - the local Church to remain silent. We cannot remain silent in the face of unmitigated evil. 

As you may know, Cardinal Collins wrote a pastoral letter on gambling. We know the dangers and potential evils that gambling may cause. But we also know that a far, far greater evil is loose in the land and in the Archdiocese: sexual corruption, deviancy and perversion. Catholics are not immune. On the contrary, if we are to believe the bishops themselves, over 80% of Catholics believe that one can use the evil means of contraception, a substantial number wink at abortion; innumerable Catholics are "re-married", and vast numbers fornicate or wink at fornication. Catholics indulging in pornography, immodesty, vulgarity...

To top this all off, we have a homosexual crisis in the Church - infiltration of seminaries, clergy silent on abominable sexual acts etc. When was the last time you heard a sermon on illicit sex? When was the last time you heard a priest say that if you fornicate you must go to confession before receiving Holy Communion? 

The clergy are silent on the prophetic nature of Humanae Vitae. Why? Don't they believe anymore? Are they afraid? What are they waiting for? It is time for us all to unite and make a stand against evil. 

We need leadership from our bishops and priests. We need the Cardinal to address our spiritual needs. The other day, on the TV Mass, he spoke of how we must conform ourselves to Christ. I agree. We must indeed. And a very key aspect of this conformity is obedience to the Church as She speaks through her Shepherds via the Magisterium. The time of silence and vagueness is gone. It is time to stand up and fight : fight for truth and Christ. The Cardinal cannot remain silent in the face of a wave of filth and corruption washing over the Laity; corrupting them, seducing them. He must speak in the name of the Lord Jesus - to raise his voice over the lies and evil the media is spreading about human sexuality. Your Eminence, please speak out - loudly, boldly - for the civilization of Love and Life - as we face the destructive and demonic power of the false "culture" of death. And nothing could be more death-dealing than the horror of "same-sex marriage".


Servimus Unum Deum said...

What about these letters from the Toronto Archdiocesan office??? I realize they weren't likely made to be broadcasted to kingdom come, but at least some work has been produced by the archdiocese: - Pastoral Resources on Sexual Abuse and the Church, April 2010 - Revised policy and procedure for cases of alleged Misconduct, Oct 2010

And while Collins hasn't done one for the Archdiocese, the "federal level" CCCB has, and it was meant for young people -

Perhaps him doing one might be repetitive when the CCCB has done one already?

Everyday For Life Canada said...

Silence in the face of all this immorality can only lead to more of the same. As you say, where is the Catholic leadership on this important issue? Human sexuality, the family and marriage should be part of the pastoral plan for the diocese. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Barona said...

Though the CCCB letter to youth is a fine piece of work it has no Magisterial Authority., unless c.f. Fryr's review of the CCCB.

We Catholics wish, nay demand our bishops to speak UP on critical issues of the day. The CCCB bungled Humanae vitae. The "correction" was never forthright and Catholics are as confused and misled as ever. No, the key to dealing with issues of faith and Morals is: the layman --- parish priest ---- Local Ordinary --- Pope. Not being Gallican I don't recognize the episcopal conference having authority over me.

The problem is that the relationship is between a bishop and the lay faithful ; not an administrative body. Bishops are duty bound, as local bishops to feed the faithful. What Montfort is asking for is a clarion and public call to an awakening of Catholics under the leadership of the bishop. In our case, the Archbishop of Toronto. There are a few fine pieces on the family on the CCCB website, but again - buried, no one reads them etc. we have an absolute catechetical crisis. Catholics simply do not know what is sin anymore. The way to reach them is through direct contact - Sunday Mass with a sermon on a Pastoral letter dealing with the issues of the day. Sex is, given its direct link to life, the person, love.... a critically important issue. We are talking about a New Evangelization of Catholic morality.