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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hollywood collaborated with the Nazis - while the Church and the Pope saved Jews

Last evening, EWTN reviewed the wartime efforts of Pope Pius XII and his valiant struggle to save Jews from extermination. 

During the 1930s, when this great Pope and his predecessor saw and exposed the vile Nazis for what they were; Hollywood studios - the vast majority run by Jews - were actively collaborating with Hitler and his thugs. The increased persecution of their co-religionists did not dampen their enthusiasm for collaboration as the Nazi movement grew in boldness. In fact, elements in Hollywood continued collaboration even after the outburst of open hostilities in 1939. All of this is spelt out by the Jewish historian, Ben Urwand. A detailed review may be read in Tablet - A New Read on Jewish Life.

All of this begs the question: with which evil force is Hollywood collaborating today? That, I leave up to your imaginations, but - let us up hope it will not take another 70 years. 
Hitler saw himself as a cinematic hero, a matinee idol who overwhelmed the adoring crowds awestruck by his power. He stepped in on occasion and edited the Nazi newsreels himself; he realized that film swayed the masses. Hitler knew he had to feed people fantasy in order to get them to follow his evil vision, and he knew that the movies had taught him how to exploit fantasy’s power: how to seduce on the grandest possible scale. The movies he found most inspiring, most magical in the spell they cast on an audience, were made in America. As Neal Gabler argued in An Empire of Their Own, the Hollywood Jews invented the America of our dreams, a place of high excitement, courage, laughs, compassion, family feeling, and true love. Hitler’s dream was different, and it found a terrible fulfillment in mass murder and war. Hollywood could have helped awaken the world to the looming danger of Nazism, but instead the Jewish dream-makers cast their lot with the world’s—and the Jews’—greatest enemy.

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