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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Totalitarianism in Europe: A dictatorship over Minds

The DICI news agency reports the following from the United Kingdom:

The adoption agency “Catholic Care”, based in Leeds, in northern England, was obliged by British justice on November 2, 2012, to open its services to homosexual couples. According to the November 2 edition of the weekly Catholic Herald, the association had been trying for five years to obtain the legal recognition of its right to refuse to place children with homosexual couples. Its last appeal was rejected on the grounds that the law of equality forbids any discrimination of homosexual couples who wish to adopt. The legal instance indicated that “Catholic Care” had not managed to propose “serious and convincing reasons” to explain its refusal and that, on the contrary, it wounds the dignity of homosexual couples “whose capacity to be parents is indisputable”, and thus violates article 14 of the European Convention of Human Rights, which forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation.
As we have reported and commented a number of times, a insidious, though virulent form of fascism is spreading throughout western Europe and North America. The Popes have warned and condemned this evil many times. Pius XI denounced fascism, Naziism and communism formally and those condemnations stand to this day - not only as Church policy, but firmly on doctrinal grounds as being contrary to the dignity of the person.  Likewise Popes Paul, John Paul and Pope Benedict have warned against these evils, only to be mocked.

The grave societal error is believing that since we once fought fascism a few decades ago we would be immune. But no one is immune to sin...

Pope Paul wrote in Octogesima Adveniens:

Political activity - need one remark that we are dealing primarily with an activity, not an ideology? - should be the projection of a plan of society which is consistent in its concrete means and in its inspiration, and which springs from a complete conception of man's vocation and of its differing social expressions. It is not for the State or even for political parties, which would be closed unto themselves, to try to impose an ideology by means that would lead to a dictatorship over minds, the worst kind of all. It is for cultural and religious groupings, in the freedom of acceptance which they presume, to develop in the social body, disinterestedly and in their own ways, those ultimate convictions on the nature, origin and end of man and society.

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