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Monday, 5 November 2012

Msgr. Foy on restoring the Church in Canada

"It is the non-use of authority that is creating our problem" Cardinal Danielou

Following on the interview of arch-dissenter Gregory Baum by Salt and Light CEO, Fr. Thomas Rosica, I thought it appropriate to consider four key elements to re-establishing truth as suggested by Msgr. Vincent Foy. This is only fitting, given Msgr. Foy's critique of Baum, following a number of high profile appearances by Baum in various Catholic media. I personally believe that Fr. Rosica, for the good of the Church in Canada, and for the good of Salt and Light, should resign. The ambiguity, indeed bizarre interview given Baum demands resolution. Baum has caused - as Msgr. Foy has recently  documented - immeasurable harm to the Church in Canada; the Salt and Light interview not only passes over this in silence, but conveys the impression that Baum has something good to contribute to the Church; that he reflects the true spirit of the Second Vatican Council. This is unacceptable. This is nonsense, this is spiritual scandal, this is evil. 

In his booklet "From Humanae Vitae to Veritatis Spendor", Msgr. Foy suggest four key pillars that would give Catholics the key to holding to the truth against a "second magisterium" (c.f. Foy, p.19). 

1. Spiritual Means: truth, according to Foy will be re-discovered through the sacraments and prayer (especially Penance). 

2. Authority: the failure of authority (bishops) to act has led to the present crisis (c.f. Foy, p.20). Foy references Ratione Habita, 1967: "those who are rash or imprudent should be warned in all charity; those who are pertinacious should be removed from office". 

3. Education: here Foy recommends seminaries to ensure loyalty to the Church; universities and schools, likewise must ensure fidelity. 

4. Pastoral Care: Foy recommends that pastoral activity be in accord with truth. The pulpit plays a major role in conveying the truth. And one may add the "pulpit" of Catholic television. 

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