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Saturday, 27 October 2012

SSPX: Bishop Williamson's October 19th Open Letter to Bishop Fellay

Former SSPX Bishop, Richard Williamson has published an open letter to Bishop Fellay. In the letter, Williamson rejects his exclusion from the SSPX, laying open his criticisms of Fellay's leadership, ending with a suggestion that the latter himself resign. Below are a few highlights:

In other words, the leader of the Society founded in 1970 to resist the novelties of the Council, was proposing to reconcile it with the Council. Today the Society is conciliatory. Tomorrow it is to be fully Conciliar!... 

It is difficult to believe that Archbishop Lefebvre's foundation can have been led to bracket out the principles on which it was founded, but such is the seductive power of the fantasies of our godless world, modernist and liberal...

...The Society's Superior General, General Council and General Chapter may keep Archbishop Lefebvre on hand as a mascot, but that will not help if they all share in a new way of thinking that by-passes the crucial reasons for which he founded the Society. Therefore however good their intentions, they are leading the Society to its ruin by a betrayal parallel in all respects to that of Vatican II. But let us be just, let us not exaggerate. Since the beginning of this slow collapse of the Society, there have always been priests and laity who saw clear and did their best to resist....

...For indeed history repeats itself, and the Devil keeps coming back. Just as yesterday Vatican II wished to reconcile the Catholic Church with the modern world, so today one could say that Benedict XVI and the Society's Superior General both wish to reconcile Catholic Tradition and the Council; so again tomorrow, unless God intervenes between now and then, the leaders of the Catholic Resistance will be trying to reconcile it with Tradition henceforth Conciliar.

In brief, your Excellency ...had you remained faithful to the Archbishop's heritage, and had I myself been notably unfaithful, gladly I would recognize your right to exclude me. But things being as they are, I hope I shall not be lacking in the respect due to your office if I suggest that for the glory of God, for the salvation of souls, for the internal peace of the Society and for your own eternal salvation, you would do better yourself to resign as Superior General than to exclude myself.

The full letter may be read here


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Freyr said...

I thought Williamson has been expelled, disgorged, removed and cast out from the SSPX? Does this mean he has been excommunicated by the SSPX? If so I want to go on record as saying the whole thing is just plain silly. The bunch of them don't have the jurisdiction to give each other hall passes to go to the bathroom. Besides the candles were probably far too short during their episcopal consecration invalidating the entire affair.