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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Official SSPX Declaration: Bishop Williamson Expelled

Richard Williamson 
The SSPX news agency, DICI, officially confirmed the expulsion of Bishop Richard Williamson. As we posted earlier on the extreme probability of this event, it has, come true. It is a logical conclusion to an organization that, ultimately, has no authority. Bishop Fellay may now appreciate the situations that beheld Popes Paul and John Paul - the inclusion of a Lefebvre quotation being doubly ironic. 

The Official communique:

Bishop Richard Williamson, having distanced himself from the management and the government of the SSPX for several years, and refusing to show due respect and obedience to his lawful superiors, was declared excluded from the SSPX by decision of the Superior General and its Council, on October 4th, 2012. A final deadline had been granted to him to declare his submission, after which he announced the publication of an “open letter” asking the Superior General to resign.
This painful decision has become necessary by concern for the common good of the Society of Saint Pius X and its good government, according to what Archbishop Lefebvre denounced: “This is the destruction of authority. How authority can be exercised if it needs to ask all members to participate in the exercise of authority? “(Ecône, June 29, 1987)
Menzingen, October 24th, 2012

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Freyr said...

So Williamson finally joins the ever expanding flock of episcopal vagi...
I have to wonder whether the Orthodox are similarly plagued by this phenomenon.