Saturday, 21 July 2012

Why is a convicted child molester on the directory of St. Joseph's Parish in Ottawa?

Though the wicked spring up like grass and all who do evil thrive, they are doomed to be eternally destroyed.
But you, Lord, are eternally on high. See how your enemies perish; all doers of evil are scattered.
(Psalm 92)
Vox Cantoris has evidence to some grave evils transpiring at St. Joseph's parish in Ottawa, Ontario. If you think it is only atrocious liturgy, think again. How about the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) keeping on the parish directoryconvicted pedophile, Ed MacNeil, OMI? In 2012 the archdiocese removed this man's faculties - good, a first step... The retention of such a man by the Oblates tells us all we need to know about this parish and this order. A review of an OMI website discovers numerous references, and even photos (see below) of this child molester. Really, this is a grotesque insult to Our Blessed Lord, the Church and the victims (yes, never, ever forget about the victims!!). This is monstrous and an abomination. I ask: would they list a Nazi? Any further commentary would be superfluous...

"Fr". Ed MacNeil, OMI - from INFO Lacombe, Vol. 7 (16), May 21, 2010

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