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Saturday, 18 January 2020

Letter from Archbishop Weakling to Fr. Aidan McNutty: "...keep the Cross hidden"

Gaudium synagoga Satanae

                                                                                                                             January 17, 2020 

To: Fr. Aidan McNutty
      Franciscan Flyers of the Annulment
      Holy Smoke Parish
      1717 Lenin Square

My dear Brother Aidan,

Firstly, I wish to thank-you for all the destructive work you have done at the parish, Holy Smoke. I especially wish to congratulate you for all the hard work you are doing to destroy the young people. Is it not edifying when young people come to church on Sundays, and yet, in their daily lives, live like the "Gentiles"?

Just a few key reminders: do not forget that the young people are influenced by word and deed. Repeated sins, however small, will desensitize them quickly. Keep them in a corruptive environment. It may be a simple thing such as giving someone a rap CD or a movie laced with profanity. 

We are not just targeting the young; but also, and take care here: the parents in the parish. If we can continue to lull the parents into a sense that they are "practicing Catholics" just because they turn up in a pew on Sundays, then you have as much as got them. If the parents are seduced into the "good" life, the youth naturally follow. It is human nature to take the easiest path. When the young see the parents as - in essence - nominal Christians, why would they ever not follow? Bad generals make bad foot soldiers.

If we consider Liguori's advice to parents, we can invert it and set as a general template what practical results we should be looking for in the young. Parents, schools etc. should - (indeed, must!) - be encouraged to instill in the young a lively sense of vulgarity, obscenity, licentiousness. Nothing drags a young person away from Christianity as quickly as "impurity". We have a lot to work with: even a so-called saint is only flesh and by proximate occasions, he or she may become a devil. Never give up the work! There is one doctrine of the Catholic Church I believe in: Original Sin. Aidan, make good use of fallen human nature to corrupt parish and school life! 

Some practical advice: encourage the young to turn to celebrities as their idols; encourage indulgence in social media, etc. Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, Grindr, Badoo etc., are marvelous fantasy tools for this. How ecstatic I become, Aidan, when you send me reports of school girls barely in their teens behaving  like cheap tramps and tarts on social media! When I hear that they come from our Catholic schools "in the Catholic tradition", with the sacraments and even Mass, then I know we know that we are proceeding from triumph to triumph for the Evil One. 

What joy it brings me, to think of stupid parents spending tens of thousands on their daughter or son's "traditional" Catholic education, when the same girl will end up as a cheap, whoring little tart for a dirty little boy. This is the delicious reality! 

Now, if you can be fortunate to find a few double-faced parents, that is, active enablers of children's sin, all the better. It may come to chance that you may be blessed to strike upon a parent who perhaps has a psychological problem, or even a pathology. Here, there is a gold mine to work with. Human pride and psychological weaknesses must be exploited to the full. =

People should also be encouraged to cause scandal and so on in the local parish. The more the merrier. An old Spanish proverb, perhaps a bit colourful, is advisable here: encourage this monkey to climb his or her tree, but in doing so you keep well back, for it is only when this monkey is well up the tree that we find out what is inside of him or her! 

In closing, my dear Aidan, I am edified to hear your reports of the growing corruption of the youth in our Catholic schools. Truly I am edified. Indeed, much "work" merely entails allowing society and corrupt teachers to do their "work" undisturbed. Encourage freedom! You have so far excelled at that! Liberty, liberty! Ah, the word that brings the only joy in Hell! 

Keep wearing your cassock; but keep up soft, sentimental, pious external practices. Even say a Latin Mass or two! The key is doctrine, so no doctrine! But by all means allow a bit of extravagant theatre now and then. Make it "high church", but keep it "false church". 

Emphasize a sociological Christianity; if anything at all. Keep Man at the centre, and Christ Crucified out! Aidan, whatever you do, keep the Cross hidden from sight. 

No Cross, no Salvation!

I remain, fraternally yours, Brother Perfides

Rupert Weakling
Archbishop of Pergamum


John Haggerty said...

High church, low church. No church.
Doctrine, some doctrine. No doctrine.

Now you see it, now you don't!

This is the way 21st Century religion is going.
So-called *Emergent Christianity* of the kind espoused by the late Phyllis Tickle, is creating a paradigm shift that will demolish orthodox theology as so much *last century* thinking.

We can see it *emerging* before our eyes with Pope Francis and his Church of Aquarius. Any opposition to Aquarian Christianity is immediately discredited by the official Catholic media as *right wing* and *backward looking*.

In late 19th Century England, John Henry Newman's conception of priesthood was challenged by Matthew Arnold, who saw Newman's theology as a kind of religious feudalism. Arnold didn't like priests as a class or caste.

But Arnold's thinking was grounded as much in the Puritans as it was in 19th Century rationalism.
*Faith without reason,* he wrote, *is not properly faith, but mere power worship; and power worship may be devil worship!*
No Puritan from John Owen to Jonathan Edwards could have quarrelled with that!

Today Arnold's respect for the authority of the Puritan fathers would be considered a relic of Victorian thought and piety, as distant from us today as the massive engineering projects of Brunel.

Your Archbishop Weakling and Father McNutty hold experience as a higher authority than Scripture. We see this everywhere now. It runs through the warp and woof of Emergent Christianity. Biblical truth is relative, it must stand under the authority of human (man-centred) experience.

Read an interview with Charles Fenshaw (Maclean's online).
The title of the interview is a textbook example of Emergent Christianity's open attack on the Bible - *LGBTQ People and the harm being done by the Christian religion.* January 17 2020.

Further down we read, *Michael Coren talks to theologian Charles Fenshaw about 'hatred towards LGBTQ by conservative Christians and how to stop it.'*

Note the declension from *LGBTQ People* (the identity politics of President Obama) to *harm* and then *hatred* and then finally that *how to STOP it*.

The paradigm shift has already occurred; now we have a call to arms against *the Christian religion* which means the faith of 2,000 years.
Faith in the inerrancy of Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church; any last opposition to the LGBTQ agenda is going to be snuffed out, and soon.

As you write, *Nothing drags a young person away from Christianity as quickly as impurity.*

It is hard to imagine any Christian movement that has the guts to campaign against impurity, but unless this happens, and soon, Aquarian (or Emergent) Christianity will prevail. And its victory will be underwritten by the LGBTQ activists.

Watch *The Download - Religious Demise*. Church Militant. 17 January 2020. YouTube.
This episode has a good quote: *Why should one try to convince the people to accept the Christian faith when they can be saved even without it?*

Only the old Evangelicalism (Catholic and Protestant) can defeat Emergent Christianity and its powerful supporters in the Vatican, in the American and German Catholic hierarchy, in the official Catholic media, and in the secular media and the entertainments industry.

In 1919 Karl Barth turned liberal theology back to St. Paul's letter to the Roman; and this message rang out all over war-ravaged Europe, like church bells calling the faithful to worship.

Only something of this order can defeat Emergent Christianity and its numerous man-centred, neo-gnostic heresies.

We need teachers and preachers who know the Bible.
We need to teach the young to think Biblically.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

In a "Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift the satirical argument is advanced to sell infant children as meat products in order to solve the Irish problem of hunger and poverty. The author suggests that his idea would stimulate the economy, as well as provide a solution for the impoverished: breed babies and sell them for money. The essay was published nearly three hundred years ago. Today, this is no longer satire. In Canada alone, we kill close to 100,000 unborn babies, call it health care, and thrown them in the garbage. Swift to his credit wanted to shock the reader back to sanity and to care for the needy. Today, however, abortion has become both policy and law. Your satirical post too is no longer aliteray device but sadly describes much of what what is happening to the Church in the West.

John Haggerty said...

Everyday Life Canada: What WOULD Dean Swift have made of the heartless way in which we accept those abortion statistics? The last gasp of a dying civilization?
And to think the young are obsessed by the sterility of homosexuality and the fantasy of transgender!

Yeats said he felt haunted by Swift as he turned every corner in Dublin.

Great poet that he was, Yeats belonged to the Order of the Golden Dawn (a bogus magical circle which attracted the Smart Set the way Kaballah does today) and Swift's astringent faith may have been too much for Yeats.

A sad young woman, Michelle Williams, said she could not have won her Golden Globe Award if she had not ended the life of the baby inside her.

Ten years from now, Ms. Williams will weep bitter tears for her lost child; and the worthless bauble she won will only remind her of Thomas More's words: That all wordly honours are but glimpses of the grave.

I am reading a book of poems by Rebecca Goss, *Her Birth*, which mourns and celebrates the life and death of her 16-month-old baby girl, who died of an incurable heart condition.

*I kept a row of lilac-buttoned relics/ in my wardrobe. Hand-knitted proof, something/ to haul my sorry lump of heart and make it blaze.*

Christoph Rebner said...

Lift your eyes: Make an son of the pope archbishop again like Alexander VI! Have members of the church torture people like in the inquisition! Make cocaine-parties mandatory and introduce collections to pay the prostitutes of the hierarchy, as this must still today be handled on a case-by-case basis!

John Haggerty said...

Dear Mr. Rebner:

Christ's parable of the wheat and the tares is a graphic description of the good and evil in this mixed-up world; and it is also an exact picture of the decent and evil impulses inside each of us sinners. That is why our Lord's message to us was one of continual repentance, forgiveness, and purification of the heart.

Pope Alexander VI boasted of the children he fathered, and there were many popes who made Alexander look like a saint. Martin Luther was shocked by the gross immorality of Rome, and asked someone if every priest had a mistress. *Unless he is married to a boy,* this cynical Roman citizen told Luther.

Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against his church. And many of us agree with you that the Catholic Church is hell on earth today; the secret lives of those false priests in Rome, with their cocaine parties and prostitutes, is a stench in the nostrils of God.

The rape of children by priests, and the cover-up by their bishops, is a colossal crime unlike anything in church history. The judgment of God on those evil priests and their bishops will be far more terrible than any human court. Paedophile priests were moved to other parishes and raped again, with the bishops turning a blind eye!

I was shocked to learn that the former cardinal of Scotland, Thomas Winning, said he would not turn an accused priest over to the police, but would deal with the accusation internally, in private. I lost my respect for Winning after that disclosure.

Keith O'Brien, who succeeded Winning, was outed as a predatory homosexual who made carnal advances to seminarians, and who travelled to Rome with his boyfriend for the conclave that elected Pope Benedict.

Clericalism and the concentration of power in the hierarchy need to be changed once and for all. As things stand, a cardinal can only be questioned by another cardinal or by the pope. What would Jesus say about that nonsense? He was tough enough on the all-powerful priests in the Temple.

I myself worship in reformed churches where ministers have to answer to the elders, but the people of Scotland have largely turned their back on Christianity. People I meet are into Bithaka Yoga and Mindfulness, but look embarrassed if I bring up the faith that made Scotland a nation.

The motto of my city reminds me why I believe that only the gospel can save sinful men and women from the judgment of an angry God:

*Lord let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of Thy Word and the praising of Thy Name.*

Some say these words were composed by Saint Kentigern (or Mungo) who baptised the druid priests in the Molendinar burn, near our present pre-Reformation cathedral.

In thinking about Mungo's great missionary work, I believe in my heart that Scotland will be Christian again.

Christoph Rebner said...

Dear Mr. Haggerty,

thanks for sharing your heart.

You trust a group of persons more than one person. I am still searching for the logic leading up to that.

I think as believers in objective truth we must argue on a spiritual basis rather than on who said what. For details give me about fifty years :-)

Yours faithfully, Chris

John Haggerty said...

Dear Chris:

I hope you will have 50 years in which to take up your cross and follow the Lord. My own 69 years have passed in a flash. I remember my last year at school (1968-69) as closer than yesterday.

At the age of 22 I spent some months in a cult led by a sinful man, Sri Chinmoy Ghose. The people in the cult were friendly and kind, but I felt uneasy about the way they worshipped Chinmoy.

I was working as a journalist in a weekly newspaper. The town's industrial chaplain, Stuart Borthwick, a minister in the Church of Scotland, used to drop into our office with his church notes.

As I made him a cup of coffee one day, he asked if I ever dropped into the Church of Scotland bookshop in central Glasgow.

I never had, but visited the shop the following Saturday, and purchased Francis Schaeffer's *The God Who Is There* and *The Dust of Death* by Os Guinness. Upon reading these important books I immediately left the Chinmoy cult.

In responding to your comment, I trust those who have a high view of the Scriptures; and that means Augustine, Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Warfield; Calvin, Cornelius Van Til and R.C. Sproul; Gresham Machen, John Murray and John Piper.

Last night I watched for the second time a lecture by the amiable Dan Dennett, *Good Reasons for Believing in God* (ironic title) which is an all-out attack on faith.

Dennett mocked the Lord by presenting Dawkins with a Jesus doll. Even in rejecting Jesus they can't quite forget him.

Had any of Dennett's young audience reflected on the spiritual anguish of Dostoevsky, Kierkegaard, Simone Weil or Dorothy Day? I doubt it.

Don't go to a scientist if you are looking for profundity. They are technicians, incapable of grasping the insight of thinkers who struggle with this broken and sinful world.

As for my old *guru*, Chinmoy Ghose was in and out of the Vatican. You can see photos on the internet in which he is embraced and endorsed by Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II. One reason why I trust reformed theology!

I remain grateful to the Rev. Stuart Borthwick, who was then in his sixties; he must have gone home to the Lord some time ago.

*Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ.*

Ephhesians 3:80

John Haggerty said...

*Can anyone be arrogant when he stands beside the cross?*

Carl F.H. Henry (1913-2003) American theologian.

Listen on YouTube to the hymn *Abide With Me* with on-screen lyrics, uploaded by Nigel Kot, 24 May 2012.

The broadcast comes from the beautiful coast of Easington, East Yorkshire, England, where the coastal tides are strong and treacherous, and where sailors often need God's help.

As someone who loves the seaside but is afraid of the sea, this old hymn means a great deal to me.