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Monday, 9 December 2019

Pachelbel Cannon in D Karl Munchinger 1961

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John Haggerty said...

Wonderfully refreshing, as always.
I count myself fortunate in not having been overexposed to the piece.

See *How Did Pachelbel's Canon in D become the most popular wedding song?* on the Classic FM website.
There is a short video, *How Pachelbel's Canon Works - A Beautiful Scrolling Score* by YouTuber, Gerubach.

We know that the base line in the Canon influenced the greats who came after, Handel, Haydn etc.

Now I must hunt down a biography of Pachelbel.
All I know of him comes from Wikipedia.
His wife and child died in the plague; and he was an influence on J.S. Bach indirectly, having taught Bach's teacher.

Bach is my favourite composer and there are many books on him.

In recent years I enjoyed *Music in the Castle of Heaven* by John Eliot Gardiner and *Evening in the Palace of Reason* by James R Gaines, which looks at Bach's encounters with Frederick the Great of Prussia.

As a Dan Dennett admirer I read his big clever lively book, tracing the life chain from bacteria to Bach.
All I can say is: Case Not Proven.

The materialists cannot account for Bugs Bunny's chatter far less Pachelbel and J.S. Bach.