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Sunday, 20 October 2019

Justin Trudeau is an EVIL man: Catholics how do YOU intend to Vote tomorrow on Election Day?

Justin Trudeau is an EVIL man. He has imposed much EVIL on Canadians over the past four years.

Trudeau managed two "successes" during the past four years. Firstly, there is the "legalization" of  the killing of the disabled and the elderly (for now), in what is euphemistically called "euthanasia". Secondly, there is the legalization of marijuana. As to abortion: it continues unabated, up to, and including the moment of birth. In fact, Trudeau has increased his pro-abortion rhetoric, to the point of publicly declaring that he personally accepts it as a good. 


You as a Catholic will be voting tomorrow. Just how are you going to vote? 

Catholics should be aware that the Liberal Party of Canada, the New Democratic Party of Canada, the Green Party of Canada, and the Bloc Quebecois all officially support abortion, and forbid any pro-life candidates to stand for election. So much for democracy, so much for freedom. 

That means there is only the Conservative Party of Canada and the People's Party of Canada left. 

Both of these parties have serious defects. On the one hand, though "personally" opposed to abortion, Andrew Scheer has promised to block any attempt to bring in legislation to limit abortion. Maxime Bernier, though "pro-abortion" and has stated that he will not block any attempt to bring in legislation to limit abortion, and has been recently questioning the morality of late-term abortion. 

Further, both parties have taken a pro-"LGBT" stand. The Conservatives are being more and more influenced by the powerful "LGBTory"group. I predict that there will be another "Reform"/"Canadian Alliance" rebellion within this Party, as it is obvious that the Tories have been taken over by powerful elitist and financial forces from the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Axis. If Trudeau wins on Monday night, look for a rebellion sooner than later, with its genesis in western Canada. 

All this means that unfortunately, quite a number of you will be disenfranchised, especially those of you living Ontario and eastwards. Many, of not most of you will face the reality that ALL the candidates in your Riding will be pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, pro-drugs etc. Here, the biblical principle applies: "no man can do evil that good may come of it". Canadians living in western Canada, still have a number of outstanding pro-life and pro-family candidates. Get out and vote!

For those of us in eastern Canada, many times we will have no choice of a candidate, as all will be seriously morally compromised. However,  you may yet be able to vote, not so much as to elect someone, but as a "protest" (e.g. Toronto will be swept by the Liberals, with the possibility of a few Ridings going NDP). In such cases, the morally compromised candidate has no chance of being elected, and your vote is a protest against Justin Trudeau and his evil Regime. 

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR SUCH EVIL PEOPLE TO BE ELECTED? Why would Canadians, time and again, vote for politicians whose stated aim is to promote abortion, "same-sex marriage", and other grave evils? Let us be honest, the population itself is evil and decadent. The population votes for those they approve. 

Toronto, demographically is 32% Catholic (2015 Statistics Canada), yet the vast majority of them will vote pro-abortion. It is estimated by Ipsos that 77% of Canadians are pro-abortion; with 53% supporting partial-birth infanticide. This is where we are morally. 

The Catholic Church, and ESPECIALLY her HIERARCHY and PRIESTS must take the PRIMARY  BLAME for this moral collapse. They have been silent for decades. They were silent, and even enablers in the 1960s and so on to this day. Have you not noticed the absolute silence from the churchmen this election? 

When was the last time you heard a priest say you cannot vote for a pro-abortion candidate?

When was the last time your heard a priest even say that abortion was murder and a mortal sin? 

When was the last time you heard a bishop say these things?

When was the last time you heard a bishop denounce a politician for grave evils and then take action against this politician? 

So don't tell me these bishops and priests are pro-life because they are not. 

Dear Catholics friends (and indeed visiting voters who have yet to come to Our Lord) please prayerfully consider your vote. Know that God will see for whom you cast your vote. You (and I) will have to answer for whom we voted for on Judgement Day. 

One thing I know: Justin Trudeau is an EVIL, vicious man. A man inclined towards narcissistic tyranny, a man imbued with an anti-Christian and anti-democratic (properly understood) spirit. 

He is a liar, a deceiver, a fraud, an imposter. 

He is a hate-filled fascist. 

Vote dear friends, so that we are rid of this wretched man come Tuesday morning, October 22nd. 


J Haggerty said...

Justin was born on 25 December 1971.
Since 1969 abortion has killed 4 million pre-born babies in Canada.

I wonder if Justin has ever felt grateful that his own mother did not choose to have him aborted.
After all, Margaret Trudeau, being a good feminist, supported *the woman's right to choose*.

In my youth in the early 1970s the feminists insisted that the foetus was only *a lump of jelly*.

Now we know what a lie this was, but the all too sentient unborn child still has no rights, and is never the subject of any real moral inquiry among the political class, or their shills in the media, or as far as I know, among the moral philosophers in Oxford and Cambridge.

Years ago a British judge ruled that the public could not be allowed to see a filmed late abortion in a TV documentary.
The woman who had had the abortion had given the film-maker her full permission.
The pro-choice establishment were terrified that the public should see the bloody reality of a baby being dismembered and the skull crushed.

This led a Sunday Telegraph columnist to say that a fox enjoyed full protective rights from hunters, but the unborn baby none at all.

Nine years ago Canadian journalist Natalie Hudson Sonnen said Canada hid its abortion figures.
Private clinics, though publicly funded, were under no obligation to register the number of abortions carried out on their premises.
Even states such as British Columbia provided incomplete figures, and Quebec none at all.

Has the situation changed?
The 94,030 abortions carried out in Canada in 2017 may only be 90 per cent of the true figures or they may be well below the true figure. Who really knows?

And what is the fate of doctors and nurses in Canadian hospitals who by their own conscience do not wish to be involved in an abortion?
For these men and women an abortion is not just a simple matter of removing *foetal tissue* as the pro-choice lobby call the child in utero.

As for Justin, he has the knack of being able to work the room and super-charm the young on any of the moral issues of the day.
Sometimes I wonder if his late father would not be just a little ashamed of his son's all too slick performances.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen said the first Christians prayed to the Lord: *Send someone to oppose Saul of Tarsus.*
And God said: *Yes, I will send someone - I will send Saul to oppose Saul.*

We hope that God will send Justin to oppose Justin, on his own road to Damascus experience.

We pray that Justin Trudeau will fall down in the dust and meet his Lord and Saviour.

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

'When was the last time you heard a priest say you cannot vote for a pro-abortion candidate?'

Fr Mark Goring, about ten days ago.

“If you vote for a political leader who's very open about allowing harm to be done to the most innocent and the most helpless the most little you are complicit in the death of these little ones,” he said. “And you have blood on your hands and you might (and I say this out of love and out of concern) you might spend all of eternity in hell because you did not obey God's clear commandment thou shalt not kill.”

John Haggerty said...

*The progressives claim to have no religion, but their post-Christian zeitgeist is proving a very jealous god.*

A penetrating thought by David Warren from an article in The Catholic Herald: *Why Trudeau is no laughing matter for Canadian Christians.*

Mr. Warren said Canadian Catholics are not able to defend the faith from Justin Trudeau's assaults because the post-Vatican II Church failed to instruct the faithful in the truth.

It is my conviction that the Holy Spirit, working through Toronto Catholic Witness, will bring about a turn in the tide.

In small numbers at first, and then in larger and larger formations, those badly instructed Catholic teachers and young professionals will cross over from the death-cult of paganism to new life in Jesus Christ.

I believe we will see the collapse of the false anti-church of Modernism (*the synthesis of all evils* in the words of Saint Pope Pius X) and the rebirth of the Catholic Counter-Reformation of the 21st Century.

The Holy Spirit may begin this great work of renewal in Canada.

Recommended YouTube:
The Church in Extreme Crisis: How we got here and how we must respond by Father Rodriguez.
Fatima Center 14 August 2019.

Irenaeus said...

I voted against him and his friends.