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Monday, 4 March 2019

The Catholic Church has always denounced the scourge of Liberalism

Pope Leo XIII - the Scourge of Liberalism 

Ever since the rise of Freemasonry in 1717, and its revolutionary outbreaks in 1776, 1789... and onwards into the revolutions of the 1800s; to the Masonic revolutions in central and south America... the Catholic Church has always waged war against the Masonic spirit. 

It is hard for us Catholics to understand the danger of liberalism, given we breath it 24/7. It surrounds us. Yet, we must eradicate its spirit from our lives, and inoculate ourselves against its seductive poison. This can only be done with prayer and study of the Popes. Any nation that does not have Jesus Christ as King, is a nation that has gone wrong, and is, objectively speaking, in the camp of Satan.

Leo XIII denounced Masonic "liberty":

From Inscrutabili: 

6. Furthermore, that kind of civilization which conflicts with the doctrines and laws of holy Church is nothing but a worthless imitation and meaningless name. Of this those peoples on whom the Gospel light has never shown afford ample proof, since in their mode of life a shadowy semblance only of civilization is discoverable, while its true and solid blessings have never been possessed. Undoubtedly, that cannot by any means be accounted the perfection of civilized life which sets all legitimate authority boldly at defiance; nor can that be regarded as liberty which, shamefully and by the vilest means, spreading false principles, and freely indulging the sensual gratification of lustful desires, claims impunity for all crime and misdemeanor, and thwarts the goodly influence of the worthiest citizens of whatsoever class. Delusive, perverse, and misleading as are these principles, they cannot possibly have any inherent power to perfect the human race and fill it with blessing, for "sin maketh nations miserable." Such principles, as a matter of course, must hurry nations, corrupted in mind and heart, into every kind of infamy, weaken all right order, and thus, sooner or later, bring the standing and peace of the State to the very brink of ruin.

It was no different under Pius XI:

From Quas Primas:

It would be a grave error, on the other hand, to say that Christ has no authority whatever in civil affairs, since, by virtue of the absolute empire over all creatures committed to him by the Father, all things are in his power... If We ordain that the whole Catholic world shall revere Christ as King, We shall minister to the need of the present day, and at the same time provide an excellent remedy for the plague which now infects society. We refer to the plague of anti-clericalism, its errors and impious activities. This evil spirit, as you are well aware, Venerable Brethren, has not come into being in one day; it has long lurked beneath the surface. The empire of Christ over all nations was rejected. The right which the Church has from Christ himself, to teach mankind, to make laws, to govern peoples in all that pertains to their eternal salvation, that right was denied. Then gradually the religion of Christ came to be likened to false religions and to be placed ignominiously on the same level with them.

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