Wednesday 23 November 2016

How "Traditionalists" and "Modernists" join hands as the Servants of Satan

Our Lord and His Church are under demonic attack: such is the power of Satanism that he uses both "left" and "right" in undermining and destroying the Church. 

The devil does not care how he gets a soul but that he gets one. 

There is much laughter in hell when the "Traditionalist" and "Modernist" have both been swung off in the service of Satan.  

Archbishop Fulton Sheen was right when he once stated that the reason why so few people converted was because they had not meant an authentic Christian.
I ask: are these Tweets by authentic Christians?

(my apologies to the ladies who read this blog, for the monstrous expletive but the truth must be known). 


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I am convinced that Hilary White is an authentic Christian, unlike shit disturbers in Rome.

To publicly disturb shit is nothing, To talk about it is un-Christian. To claim to have evolved beyond what Christ has taught is Christian, to use the word bullshit in response lands one in a basket of deplorable Satan worshippers.

This is nonsense, in other words - BS.

Vox Cantoris said...

With all the bovine excrement and manure shovelling that is going on with our ecclesiastical and papal miscreants, do you not think that you're overreaching?

Anonymous said...

Umm, what exactly was wrong with Hilary White's tweets, other than some slight foul language? Because of that she's a servant of Satan? Give me a break buddy.

Edison Frisbee said...

Over react much?

Drew Meikle said...

This blog is normally thoughtful and informative. This post was disappointing for me.

First off - holy mackerel: Hillary White as an example of the inauthentic Christian traditionalist??? Hillary White??? For her shocking language??

It's not as though she said "F-A-R-T" in the House of Commons then she'd need some real scolding and questions about her authenticity.

Traditionalists are not the enemy because they are a little angry. There is a valid debate about what/if the anger is righteous (i.e. Our Lord kicking A-S-S in the Temple) and you are quite right the enemy fools Christians across the spectrum via pride.

Please do not neglect the Catholic "conservative" in this group as well. The Modernist and the Traditionalist take a stand that is logical and bold. They have very different premises to support their respective logic. The conservative tries to reconcile both views into something balanced and orthodox. Laudable intent, but requiring logical contortions of cirque d'soliel proportion. Of the three positions it is the path most likely to become extinct or eventually morph into some kind of lukewarm Lutheranism with the trappings of Catholic ecclesiology.

Each of these groups have their temptation to pride and placing man before God.

Hillary White??? there is a long list of folks you could have chosen that are FAR less charitable- for that matter there are better Modernist examples too.

I haven't commented here before but I'm a regular reader. Normally, very well done.

Barona said...

Your attempt to shock actually proves my point, even though it is an incoherent excuse for profanity.

Profanity is never nonsense, it is sin. It reflects the mind. It is a grave symptom of a degenerate post-Christian society.

The Apostle Paul warns us ("what Christ taught") to use words advisedly and in a manner always in keeping with holiness, befitting sons and daughters of God. Words are to be guarded. For the Catholic our concern should be "...that it may impart grace to hear". (Ephesians 4:29).

There was a time when profanity was understood to be just that, and not looked upon as something virtuous. Sadly, decades of degeneration, much of it driven by virulently anti-Christian forces emanating from Hollywood, who have corrupted generations.

Now, if there is no difference in speech between a Sunday Mass going Catholic and a vulgarian who professes no religion - who has the greater sin?

Our society has become so crude, vulgar, paganized -Catholics so smeared with liberalism, that outside of Sunday Mass, and a protestant adherence to doctrine - there is no difference. How so? Because the Mass is lived integrally, including knowing that Christ Our Lord dwells in our mouths and on our tongues and words matter.

Again: words matter. Words matter even more amongst women as they raise the next generation.

I pray that you are unmarried and infertile. God forbid you have children, especially a daughter or daughters; what a disgraceful example of Christian womanhood you are.

You need to get off the internet, back to confession, find a Spiritual Director - and back to your family and obedience to your husband - if you have one.

In conclusion: if words do not matter then let us use them in prayers, in the Liturgy, the priest during the homily etc.

There were works of "art" that used bodily biological matter; obviously, these "artists" did nothing wrong.

Mark Thomas said...

Barona, thank you for your concern about the matter at hand. I am concerned about the coarse language that exists within the Catholic blogosphere. Right-wing, left-wing, moderate...whatever...I don't understand the need for Catholics to resort to such language as you noted.

If anything, I would think such folks would be aware of the fact that children surf the Net. Imagine a Catholic (or any child) who enters a Catholic web site, then encounters dirty language. It is a shame that a Catholic adult would expose children to impure language.

Barona, the point that you made is very important. I appreciate that you were not comfortable in posting expletives but felt it necessary to call attention to the problem at hand.

Please understand that I am not attacking you. This is your blog. I accept your rules. I ask only in the spirit of peace that you consider the following: Perhaps you may grant a second thought to the use of the expletives. Perhaps you may wish to place an XXX through each expletive. You would make your point without the use of the words in question.

Again, I realize that you are just the messenger in this instance. I am not against you. You made an excellent point.

Thank you.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Barona, I again thank you for your the important point that you have made in regard to profanity. If I may, I would like to expand upon your point about profanity. The other day on Father McDonald's Southern Orders blog, I noted the following:

As I watched the Donald Trump protestors march through the streets, I noted the foul, vile language that was on display. I noted that in America (and throughout the West), it has become acceptable to walk about in public while wearing T-shirts that feature dirty words and language that is explicit sexually.

When interviewed by TV and radio reporters, the protestors in question did not hesitate to employ "bleep" words. Every sentence that many protestors had uttered had been peppered with dirty words.

As they marched, the protestors employed obscene chants. The folks in question did not think twice about their use of vile language in public. American society (Western society) has become one giant "Bleep." Everywhere one may turn...TV, movies, literature, music, in encounters filth.

Once upon a time, via the Legion of Decency, and at least within the realm of American entertainment (movies, radio, and TV), the Catholic Church played the lead role in having kept Hollywood clean (at least on the surface).

Unfortunately, the liberalization of the Church destroyed the Legion of Decency and with that, the ability of the Church to influence Hollywood. For that matter, our Churchmen have weakened the Church to such an extent that it's difficult at best for the Church to leaven society.

Barona's point about the use of profanity and the vile nature of society is much-needed. Our Churchmen should read the discussion that Barona has initiated. In turn, our Churchmen should launch a movement, which I believe would expand beyond the Church, to restore modesty to our use of language. From there, it would not be much a jump to tackle the issue of the immodest dressing habits of many men and women.

But perhaps we need to begin with our use of words as the use of language reveals much about our hearts and minds.

Anyway...Barona has initiated a very important discussion.


Mark Thomas

Marcellina Barbir said...

The fact that Catholics are defending any type of profanity shows how far we have fallen. Just because The Roman Churchmen are out of their minds and are in grave sin through apostasy and heresy, it does not excuse any reason to sin.
If you don't think using profanity is a sin, you are wrong. I will not do the work of looking it up as I already know from pre-conciliar sources that it is. Obviously the commenters here do not not know.
(Save Barona)

So, 2 wrongs make a right now? Women who use profanity act as gutter snipes. I don't care how many Latin Masses they attend.

Personally, I think excusing this is cowardly. Why not use the "F" word and the "C" word, which by the way I have heard from several women at a Traditional Mass group I used to attend. I still attend the traditional Mass but I am not deluded that we are holier in any way.

Should we be held to a higher standard? We are no better than the modernists if we lower ourselves to act like them. I'm sure Spadaro is rubbing his evil hands with glee as he sees us Traditionalists drowning in moral relativism and liberalism.

If Ms White is as intelligent as we think she is, then why is her vocabulary so limited? Not to mention her peanut gallery MS. Dorota above... DO YOU EAT WITH THAT MOUTH? Oh no THATS RIGHT, YOU RECEIVE OUR LORD WITH THAT MOUTH.

I'm just thinking was it is Traditionalists who called out "potty mouth" Simca Fisher for using the same exact word? Then when she LOST her job at Natl Catholic Register were any OF US defending her?
Oh that's right she's doesn't go to the Traditional Mass.

The problem here is simple : we are all sinners be abuse of sins like profanity , like calumny , like other "not so bad sins" ...
Christ was tortured and slain for these sins as well as those of the Churchmen.

It's time perhaps someone speak kindly to Hilary and say, "You are better than this. You are a daughter of the Church. It's time we all behave as if Holy Mother Church was as a flesh and blood mother.
Would we use profanity in front of our mothers or in front of Our Lady ? Of course not. Modesty is not just in dress, it is in language, actions and thoughts as well.
Hilary could use so many other acceptable words to make her point.
I know I will be accused of being a prude and holier than thou. I have slipped and said profanity at times and went to Confession. So I know how it makes one appear to others in this sin.

However, when we take the time to write profanity it is more troubling BECAUSE we have deliberately chosen to profane. In the heat of argument ones mouth can proceed before it's brain but in writing ... not good.

I will pray to St Francis Xavier who had a FILTHY mouth and was denied entrance by St Ignatius Loyola himself to the Society if Jesus until he completely refrained from using profanity.
His vice caused him to perhaps affect others as his
entrance being delayed kept him from him from even more conversions as a missionary.

There is a Novena to the Holy Spirit written by Francis Xavier to pray for the release from the vice of profanity... perhaps we need to look it up and pray it for all of us.

Barona said...

Mark, thank-you. Yes, I too had reservations about publishing these words, but felt it necessary as we need to confront sin and not sanitize it.

I should add the following for readers' consideration:

Simcha Fisher + filthy language + Novus Ordo attendance = sinner
Hilary White + filthy language + Latin Mass attendance = not sinner

Sin is sin, no matter who commits it.

Anonymous said...

Mark Thomas has found a new combox to dominate.

Anonymous said...

Oh great, Mark Thomas back to clog up another blog's combox. Do you never take a hint sir?
While Barona obviously welcomes you to comment on his blog, and even if I agree with one or two of your points, you have to cut it out with the multiple, essay length responses, for crying out loud. Having a hundred different people ask you that on other blogs should have been enough.

Barona said...

Mark Thomas is more than welcome to comment on this blog. He carries far, far more credibility than those who hide behind anonymity.

Barona said...

The inability to actually reply to Mark Thomas' thoughts, but to turn to ad hominem attacks shows how liberalism has penetrated all parts of the Church, including "Traditionalists" who clam to be "orthodox". Just like the Alinsky-ite Left: target it, freeze it, and polarize it.

We are not talking about a woman who just in a moment of anger criticized the Pope, we are talking about a woman who habitually continues to use profanity in public. It is sin. Not to know this tells me a lot about the Catholicism of those who excuse and/or defend this sin.

Marcellina Barbir said...

Colossians 3:8
8 But now put you also all away: anger, indignation, malice, blasphemy, filthy speech out of your mouth.

I'm posting this as I am sure no one else bothered to do it.

It's a sin. Just because it's in reference to evil Churchmen or a Pope doesn't make it less a sin.
Too bad Ve stable Fulton J Sheen is not around to teach the Faith again as I see we need yet MORE CATECHIZING.
I beg women to stop this madness. Those defending profanity here seriously need to reconsider what they are defending. Obviously the Emperor is still naked.


Marcellina Barbir said...

I really enjoy those who complain and attack in com boxes who use the term Anonymous as their identity.

Mark Thomas said...

Barona said..."Mark, thank-you. Yes, I too had reservations about publishing these words, but felt it necessary as we need to confront sin and not sanitize it."

Barona, I appreciate your situation, which is difficult. I know that you're not thrilled about having posted the language in question. However, to have sanitized the profanity-laced comments in question would have reduced the powerful and very important point that you've made. Your point would have been made but in less dramatic fashion.

You did not have an easy call to make. Again, I appreciate that you're in a difficult situation. But bottom line is that you have the guts to confront sin. That is the most important thing.

Thank you.


Mark Thomas

Vox Cantoris said...

I really do think that you're overreacting. While I would not use those words in a blog post or Tweet, I think your condemnation of her is a little over the top considering the absolute bile coming from the mouths of certain Cardinals and papal sycophants. Hilary has lost her home, are you aware of that? Her whole life has been turned upside down by the Norcia earthquake. She, like all of us, is witnessing the destruction or our Mother, the Church, by the evil "men." Her words, while poorly chosen, display an honest frustration and righteous anger. I've been known to use some salty language, even the "F" word from time to time and to you. You did not dress me down in private for it, why are you dressing down Hilary in public from a lot less than what I have said?

Cut her some slack.

Barona said...

I have a right to comment on this, as I do not curse.

It is obvious that we cannot come to an agreement that sin is sin. It was an attempt to tell Catholics to come to order - especially in public, and use language that is befitting a Christian.

I become particularly shocked when women use profanity and I hear it on campus and it only confirms my opinion as to how women insist on living in the gutter. When I hear these women, I presume that they are not Christian, that they do not go to church, that they hate Christ Our Lord.

A woman using profanity is far worse than a man using it. She is the life bearer, the heart of the family; the woman - though the feminist may rage against it - is to be on a pedestal. Like Amelie Ozanam the wife of Blessed Frederic(for those who do not know who she was, please look her up).

It becomes distressing when Catholic women act, use, imitate the vulgarity that -sadly - is heard bars or locker rooms. No one cut Simcha Fisher some slack, nor should they.

Women who curse, especially those who habitually curse in public need help spiritually and psychologically.

The combox is now closed on this issue.

OldManT said...

The greater scandal is not the language but that these people do not believe that the pope has full coercive authorithy in the Church, that the Church is indefectible, and that Catholics follow the magisterium and not private judgement (the Church is not as Catholic as we are or wrong to interpret the faith different from us!). If the Church could err Catholicism is false. If the Church needed the approval of laymen to decide on matters of faith and morals we don't need a Magisterium. If Christ could abandon the Church Christianity is false. How is people privately judging the meaning of scripture different from privately judging the meaning of old encyclicals? Even Protestants think they know what true Christianity is. But the Church is the pillar of truth, and those who don't listen to it are like heathens.