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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Michael Rossmann S.J: another "Jesuit scholastic" promoting a bi-sexual deviant as a "theologian"

"Fr" Duffell and "Lady Gaga"

The Jesuit Post, continues to plumb the depths of depravity. Last year, it was Jason Welle S.J., who distinguished himself - even amongst a group of militant pro-homosexualists - with his support of the blasphemous and sacrilege contention that two persons of the same sex can enter into Holy Matrimony. 

Seemingly for his efforts in profaning Holy Matrimony, so arrogantly and disgustingly, Welle was rewarded by being ordained to the Diaconate on Oct 24th, 2015. This blog, along with Vox Cantoris, exposed Welle's filthy and evil mind pursuant to his activities on social media (see link here).  

Now, we have effeminate Michael Rossmann S.J., promoting a "singer" by name of "Lady Gaga", as a "theologian". The insulting result of his aforementioned premise is that Rossmann's condescending notion that "he probably too much fun" while writing this post gives the appearance of admitting something sinful, perhaps? Certainly at the very least, it is in poor taste. Upon examining Rossmann's mental excrement one discovers that the aforementioned "Gaga" is associated with the dissident Fr. Duffell who seem to have just stepped out a St. Patrick's Day Parade. 


Eugene said...

this post reminds me of the words I read in Hilary White's blog where she describes her moment of realizing she was a traditionalist.."they have invented a new religion"..why don't we just lay our cards on the table and acknowledge that and then come what may..I cannot stand this garbage posing as Catholicism any longer, we have been robbed and only a direct intervention by our Saviour will save us as our most of our Shepherds have abandoned us...I am going to visit the nearest SSPX chapel soon

Ben.quivenit@gmail.com said...

Yes, we are Catholics. No more do I belong to the Novus Ordo religion. My first foray to my SSPX was Good Friday of 2016, I wanted a Catholic Good Friday, not the Novus Ordo Seclorum. What polite and charitable brethren were there! So accommodating to those of us who clearly made quarters cramped. Yet nothing but smiles and waves beckoning new arrivals to "come sit here, plenty of room!" These people must be Catholics. Funny, a lot more scowls and territorialism in the Novus Ordo pews. Goodbye schismatic rite! Hello Faith of our Fathers!

Kathleen1031 said...

The Latin Rite is the answer. We left the NO about six months ago and never looked back. We seem to be a divided church at this point, with most apparently in the progressive camp and our much smaller, faithful remnant. I encourage anyone who finds all this intolerable and still attends the NO Mass to please find a Mass in the Extraordinary Form in your area. Even if you can only attend once per month due to a long drive, it is worth it.