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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Mary Wagner: The Church and physicians must focus on "outright resistance" to euthanasia in Canada

Euthanasia is coming to Canada. Of this latest evil, Mary Wagner - arrested on December 12th, 2015 for actively resisting the evil of abortion - sees not "resistance" from the Church in Canada or from Catholic physicians, but "defeatism". Mary writes: 

 ...the efforts of the church here, and the medical profession, are not focused on outright resistance..."

St. Cyril of Jerusalem admonishes us: 

"...maintain the same faith in times of persecution. Otherwise you will be a friend of Jesus in times of peace and his enemy during war...When war comes fight courageously for him". 

How did we get to the state of no resistance from the Church to such great evils? 

The spiritual state of the Church in Canada?

For decades, the Church in this country has betrayed Our Lord. It officially began with the Winnipeg Statement, with the Canadian Hierarchy subtly, but officially dissenting from Humanae Vitae. In doing so, these bishops publicly professed there shame in Christ, in the Cross. He in turn, cut them off from the Life of Grace, for they refused His Grace. A branch cut off from a tree, initially still looks alive. But, being cut off it soon withers and dies. 

So it is with the Church in Canada. The crisis, the fall is massive. Yes, there still is a lot of bricks and mortar, a lot of statements, noise, grandiose plans made and re-made; huge fund raising plans outlined, monies raise for vague and mysterious "new evangelization"... and so on. But to anyone who has eyes to see, and ears to hear: the Faith, for all practical purposes is nearly dead in Canada. The vast majority of Catholics, led by their "mis-leaders" - the vast majority of bishops - (but not all) eagerly took up the practice of contraceptive sex; thereby, in the process depriving themselves of the life of Grace. Less Grace, the greater the fall. 

When was the last time you heard your parish priest tell you that contraception was a mortal sin? Logically, onanistic sex led to the widespread use and acceptance of abortion. Where is the Catholic resistance to abortion? Having separated sex from life, the next step would be unnatural sexual acts: hence the spread of homosexuality. Amongst Catholics the great shame is that a majority actually support the abomination of "same-sex marriage". How did we get here? A decadent Christianity having wormed its way into the Church over 200 years of being surrounded by liberalism bred a dissenting clergy, that being ashamed of the Cross poured confusion and poison into the Faithful's souls and minds. 

But evil, not facing opposition, always expands. Why not now take up euthanasia? So it will happen in Canada. Will there be opposition? From the bishops? Perhaps a few statements before parliament, but "outright resistance"? 

What about our Catholic physicians; can we expect from them "outright resistance" to euthanasia? Not if they follow the totally unacceptable and immoral "The Proposal",  as the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians are doing. But if the "mis-leaders" do not lead, can we expect the foot soldiers to follow? A few may, gloriously martyred. Perhaps Canada may yet have a St. Thomas More amongst her physicians. 

Martyrdom is a mysterious thing. As in Ancient Rome, those who were thought to be of the Faith offered incense to Caesar, and those who were thought to be pagans, suddenly converted and died in the Lord. 

Catholic compromise with evil led Germany to disaster in the 1930s 
As a friend of this blog wrote in the combox a few weeks ago: 

"They see the assisted death train roaring down the tracks and they really don't know what to do, having been long abandoned through the silence of the moral leaders representing Christ, as well as His 'moral theologians'."

In a letter to the "Doctors and Nurses of the Holy Family Medical Group" dated January 15, 2016, Mary addressed the issue of euthanasia in Canada: Please pray for Canadian physicians and nurses: 

You may have heard that our Supreme Court has decriminalized doctor "assisted” suicide? In August this lawlessness could take effect. 

From what I have learned, the efforts of the church here, and the medical profession, are not focused on outright resistance, (such as prof. Bogdan Chazan’s actions) but more so on how not to be involved in this latest attack on life. Who will intervene when doctors begin killing their patients? Thank you for prayers.


Freyr said...

Why does the spiritual state of the church in Canada and the state of the church in Africa both involve churches with their roofs missing?

Barona said...

You are correct Freyr. I have changed the picture to be much more reflective of the situation, using a church in Toronto.