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Monday, 29 December 2014

Exclusive report: Polish family from Boston family visits Mary Wagner in prison ~ Mary is being held in maximum security, but in good spirits

Mary Wagner in Poland
From Nasz Dziennik, with an exclusive Toronto Catholic Witness translation: 

Despite the fact that Mary Wagner will spend the holidays in a prison cell, awaiting her court hearing, she remains peaceful. Yesterday, a Polish family from Boston visited the Canadian in prison. The 38 year old Catholic was visited by Simon, along with his wife and their one year old son. The presence of the one year old boy brought Mary great joy. The Canadian resides at the Vanier Centre for Women, in Milton, Ontario. 

For the first week in detention, she is held in the maximum security section of the prison. It is a standard procedure, during which time the behaviour of a prisoner is observed. The visit lasted 30 minutes. "This was my first visit to a prison, and it felt strange, bars, barbed wire, controls before entering, talking vis a vis a phone and through glass, said Simon, "She told us that her first week will be in maximum security, a regular procedure to review prisoners, their behaviour and the potential to be moved to other sections, with good behaviour. Then you can have a cell with a window, and go for regular walks", he added.  

During the meeting, Mary Wagner was very attentive to her guests. Simon said the conversation was very cordial. She told the Pole that her first day in prison was Christmas Eve. The facility where Mary is held does not have a Catholic priest, but a pastor, with whom she read Scriptures and prayed. 

Mary Wagner currently has two processes. One relates to her last detention. The second is an appeal from the previous ruling.  She is also thinking of defending life from the process of a constitutional hearing. However, it is a complicated and expensive procedure. 

Presently, Mary Wagner has a limit of two visits per week. We encourage you to write letters to the pro-life Canadian at the following address:

Mary Wagner 
c/o Vanier Centre for Women
PO Box 1040, 655 Martin St., 
Milton, ONT, L9T 5E6.


Luciano said...

This prison is in my diocese and once more this saintly person will received no public support from the chief shepherd of this diocese.
All Catholics need to be made aware of her plight. Her witness is true but we as a church just keep going our way and ignoring the abortion holocaust. May God have mercy on us and our shepherds.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

I can't believe that Canadians will put someone who has mildly disrupted a business by speaking politely to its customers into a maximum security prison!!??? Surely that eats up taxpayer dollars could be better spent on real criminals. God bless you. Susan Fox

Lee B said...

Mary is back in prison at this present time?

Jacek=Jack said...