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Monday, 17 February 2014

How the Great Powers conspired against the Holy See in 1915 with the shameful Secret Treaty of London

Not enough Catholics are aware of the bitter Freemasonic opposition to the diplomatic efforts of the Holy See. In 1915, on April 26th, the anti-Catholic Italian government was induced to join the Great Powers in a secret treaty, signed in London.

Clause 15:

France, Great Britain, and Russia undertake to support Italy, in so far as she does not permit the representatives of the Holy See to take diplomatic action with regard to the conclusion of the peace and the regulation of questions connected with the war.

Clause 16: 

The present Treaty is to be kept secret...

Signed: Grey (Great Britain); Cambon (France); Imperiali (Italy); and Beckendorff (Russia).

Hence, Pope Benedict XV, the Pope of Peace, was excluded. Likewise his August 1st, 1917 Five Point Plan was haughtily cast aside. The Masonic President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, dismissed the Holy Father's efforts in this manner: "To deal with such a power [Germany], by way of peace, upon the plan proposed by His Holiness, would, as far as we can see, involve a recuperation of its strength and a renewal of its policy, and would make it necessary to create a permanent hostile combination of nations against the German people who are its instruments" (c.f. Benedict XV, Pope of Peace, H.E. Rope).

The immediate result of all this was the disastrous Peace of Versailles, and the naturalistic League of Nations. Lloyd George and Clemenceau worked hard after the Great War to ensure Bavaria was not attached to Austria; as well as working might and main to ensure that any reborn Poland was as weak as possible. The longer term result of all this was Germany recuperating her strength, and the birth of a racialist State which would eventually lead to gas chambers.... all because the Holy Father was cast aside. God is not mocked.

Let the present rulers of the United Nations be warned that the mocking, the casting aside of Christ's Vicar has serious consequences. It should also awaken us to the reality that the great "democratic" powers, shall I say, are not favourably disposed towards Christ and His Church. 

It also is interesting to note that quite a number of internet resources on the Treaty exclude Clause 15. A slightly different version of Clause 15 may be read here, which does not carry a different import than my version. 

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