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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Santa Claus: The modern day Bacchus as the god of Commercialism

It was inevitable in a society that only has a Christian veneer. Decades ago, St. Nicholas, that lovable, holy bishop was corrupted and turned - gradually, but completely - into a grotesque, obese, ogre; in the colours of Coca Cola, this modern day Bacchus would appear days before Christmas Day to divert the populace from the imminent birth of the Saviour. Not only that, but on the day of His birthday, one final "hurrah" for this abomination would be countenanced, as this repulsive apparition would be said to come down childrens' chimneys.  

No! It is not Happy Holidays. No! They are not holiday gifts (though presents are a very minor part of Christmas, if given in the spirit of the Wise Men). You may have noticed the "powers that be" (who they precisely are, I leave up to your imagination) are now pushing this last twist. You may also notice that news reports will invariably announce the "end" of Christmas later on Christmas Day. For these perverts, "Christmas" is an excuse for an orgy, indebtedness etc. 

It is indeed perplexing that those who hate Christ, His Church, His Vicar... suddenly desire to hijack the beauty of Christmas, to pervert it into an over indulgence into gluttony, drunkeness, "partying" (with all the usual suspected behaviours that accompany substance abuse), and other hedonistic activities as promoted by the rapacious capitalists that our Pope has recently denounced. The Christ Child has been supplanted with the above mentioned god of commercialism, Bacchus, the patron "saint" of the capitalist, otherwise known as "Santa" (read satan) Claus. Even here, these filthy, dirty corrupters could not leave St. Nicholas alone. 

I recommend that these spiritual perverts cease corrupting a Christian Feast Day. To paraphrase Richard Wagner, "take your hands of Christmas, or go to hell". 

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Freyr said...

Santa Claus is the ultimate sanitation of a Christian saint. St. Nicholas is the one who punched out the presbyter Arius but what do we remember? He gave gifts to poor children.