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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Christian girl arrested in Pakistan for blasphemy

A Christian girl has been arrested in Pakistan after angry neighbours surrounded the home where she lives, demanding that the police arrest her for blasphemy. The full story can be read here

As I recently posted, there still is a small window of opportunity for dialogue between Christians and Muslims, but the window of opportunity is closing rapidly. A major factor in the window closing at such a pace is not so much from the Islamist side, as from the secularist, lapsed "Christian" side. A recent example in Toronto is the strange quasi-fascist role played by authorities during the Al-Quds march. See here for details. Again, when a citizen is threatened by law authorities for "violating" a given ideology' accused of being "insensitive" - we are tip-toeing towards a fascist State. Meanwhile, protesters carry aloft flags of a terrorist organization.  

On an international scale, the reaction to the conviction and jailing of anti-Christian bigots, "Pussy Riot" drew a huge clamor from secular media and celebrity hangers-on. Yet, there is no outcry over the little girl from Pakistan who has been whisked away by Police for allegedly "blaspheming" Islam. 

Ultimately the problem is not Islam, it is us. Just consider Al-Quds and Pussy Riot. When a civilization is unable to identify and excise cancer from its body it is on a suicide watch. 

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