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Monday, 13 February 2012

Part 1: Barack Obama and the HHS: Fascism in "White Gloves"?

Considering Barack Obama's recent attack on the Catholic Church in the United States, and the motivation behind it the question of Barack Obama being a fascist is not just hyperbole.
Consider the following from Mussolini (extract from The Doctrine of Fascism, 1932):

The Fascist State, the highest and most powerful form of personality, is a force, but a spiritual force, which takes over all the forms of the moral and intellectual life of man. . . . It is the form, the inner standard and the discipline of the whole person; it saturates the will as well as the intelligence... the Fascist conception of the State is all embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value. Thus understood, Fascism, is totalitarian, and the Fascist State - a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values - interprets, develops, and potentates the whole life of a people...
Fascism, in short, is not only the giver of laws and the founder of institutions, but the educator and promoter of spiritual life. It wants to remake, not the forms of human life, but its content, man, character, faith. And to this end it requires discipline and authority that can enter into the spirits of men and there govern unopposed.... if liberalism spells individualism, Fascism spells government....the Fascist State is a will to power and to government.


Freyr said...

To quote Santa:
Sorry, Fascism involves more than a desire for authoritarian government. It has economic, political, nationalistic and social dimensions. It is a form of secular totalitarianism originating in left-wing socialism.

I wonder if he would agree with Mussolini's definition?

Santa said...

The quote from Mussolini's "The Doctrine of Fascism" precisely illustrates my point about the nature of Fascism, that it is more than mere authoritarianism. It is as he says a system which,"...takes over all the forms of the moral and intellectual life of man..." There you have it, strait from the horse's mouth.