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Monday, 16 January 2012

Mr. Voris and the "Media Protocols"

According to the Archdiocese of Detroit (AOD), St. Michael's Media is being turned down the use of the word "Catholic" due to St. Michael's Media not being in full conformity with the archdiocesan "media protocols", nor the protocols established by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Unfortunately, a search of the AOD's website did not turn up any information on media protocols. Hence, Mr. Voris and St. Michael's Media can only be assessed from the perspective of the USCCB.

In reviewing the USCCB protocols I am at a loss as to why AOD has failed to grant to St. Michael's Media  its request. Bombast, possible stridency, pencil waving and dramatics hardly excludes one from being granted the use of the word "Catholic".

It is this type of obfuscation that results in stirring the "internet pot".


Santa said...

I enjoy listening to Voris's commentaries. Don't really care if the AoD approves or not. Assumimg the AoD has jurisdiction in his case, his activities are not to be regarded as under the approbation of the Catholic Church. OK, disclaimer duly noted, I'm going to continue to enjoy his opinions anyway.

Freyr said...

If Mr. Voris is having a problem with his bishop he should be talking to his bishop. The rest of us do not get a vote on the matter. Now if Mr. Voris were to come to my city, I would feel obliged to ask my bishop how I should react.