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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Impressions of Notre Dame

I recently had the opportunity to attend mass at Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. That in itself is a bit of a story. My son wanted to take the tour but I insisted that I would see the basilica used for its intended purpose. Only barbarians turn churches into museums and I was having none of that! My French is nonexistent so you will hear no comments about the homily here but I was impressed nevertheless. As I walked through the doors I saw a large sign proclaiming Silence. I wanted to take it home and post it over the doors to my own parish. When I settled myself in a pew I noticed some ushers walking about asking people if they were there for mass. The basilica charges admission except for prayer and mass. Several people were asked to put away their cameras. Again my thoughts turned to my own parish where I could only wish someone would walk up to people having loud conversations in the pew and gently remind them where they were. The other thing that impressed me was the organ and choir. Both were simply magnificent. I heard more Latin than I am accustomed to at home. You can tell I was impressed because I did not leave until the organ was silent. My usual rule is that while it is rude to leave before the priest, it is sometimes expedient to leave before the choir is finished. Well, not this Sunday...

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