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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Montfort's Meditations: Reflections on St. Francis de Sales

Let me welcome you, my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus Our Lord and Saviour, to this witness to the faith Website. I hope and pray that God will bring his grace and blessing, through what we bring to you. May I bring to you some of the Meditations from St. Francis De Sales, in his "Introduction to the Devout Life."

1. So to begin, let us place ourselves in the Presence of God. Consider how God has not placed us in this world for any need that he has of us. For we are of no use at all to him, but soley to show forth his goodness in us, giving us his grace and his glory. To that end he has given us an understanding to know him, a will to love him, an imagination to represent to ourselves his benefits, eyes to behold his wondrous works, a tongue to praise him.

2. Since we have been created and placed in the world for this purpose, all actions opposed to this end must be rejected and avoided, and those which conduce not to this end must be despised as vain and superfluous.

3. Consider the wretchedness of wordlings, who pay no heed to this, but live as though they were created only to build houses, plant trees, heap up riches and amuse themselves with trifles. Let us then deeply meditate on these words my Brothers and Sisters, and recall all our past sins and beg God for his merciful forgiveness. Thanking God for all the gifts you have received all of your life.

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