Sunday, 2 July 2017


Cocaine snorter and active homosexual, Monsignor Luigi "Cocaine" Capzzi 

The Vatican is a cesspool of homosexuality, corruption, decadence, lies,deceit, theft, blackmail and counter blackmail. 

Is that enough? 

Polish media,  following very close developments from Italy, reports that the homosexual orgy actually took place about two months ago. Or longer. The Polish "kilkanaście" literally means several, but it etymologically derives from "kilka" usually meaning two or plus. 

This changes the entire story! 

We are well aware now that Monsignor Luigi Capozzi is a sodomite. We also knew he used drugs, cocaine. 

Now we know that Monsignor Luigi "Cocaine" Capozzi admitted to police he brought a bag of cocaine to the Vatican palace for use during homosexual activity with other churchmen. A bag!! There must have been quite a few churchmen who were snorting before engaging in....

So dear readers, here we have a priest who is a hard drug user, as well as being an active homosexual. What do the Roman authorities do? Remove him? Suspend him Defrock him? Nothing. 

All they do is ensure he is not criminally charged. In an attempt to hide the homosexual orgy and drugs,  they first sent Capozzi to a rehab clinic. However, Polish media reports that a very high ranking Cardinal (Cocopalmario?) quickly removed him and transfered him to the safety and obscurity of Monte Cassino. As such, this story takes on a much more sinister one of an attempt at a massive cover-up at the highest levels in Rome. 

Another thing. Just who else was with "Cocaine" Capozzi? How many were with him? Five, ten... fifteen? Were there bishops and cardinals engaging in .... (you know what)? 

.A huge, huge attempt at a cover-up. 

Well, somehow it got out. 

So it brings a new meaning to "going out to the peripheries". Cardinals and others bend over backwards (no pun intended) to do all in their power to cover-up for just another gay-boy cleric. 

Polish original. 

[UPDATE: Further news on "Cocaine Capozzi" homosexual orgy - did he hold it during Lent? Read here.


  1. When it comes to gatherings involving sodomy and drugs, the question that must be raised is whether there were minors involved. Anyone who has read about the Dutroux Case and the Franklin Cover-Up will know why. There exist international satanic networks that run through Church and State, and in that context it is legitimate and imperative to demand a thorough investigation of the now exposed Capozzi sodomite cell in Rome with those things in mind.

    Benjamin Van Dyck.

  2. Hey, I know a good way of covering this hell up. Why don't we throw a bogus accusation against cardinal Pell on the same day this news comes up, even though it happened months ago!

  3. Just for your info: "kilkanaście" means anywhere between 11-19 (jedenaście-dziewiętnaście). It works a bit like "-teen" in English. Cheers.

    1. You are correct, sir. I don't mind if they all get coked up and screw each other, but child trafficking and slavery is a sickness that must be stomped out. Cheers

  4. I think in this context it meant less than a year, otherwise the text would have read "rok temu..." etc. We now have further confirmation that it was around two months ago. See my updated.

  5. Smelling like the sheep, or goats, or what Francis says everyone wants to eat.

  6. At this point, to paraphrase a thoroughly corrupt American politician, what difference does it make if this happened yesterday or months ago? What matters is that it happened! Satan has chosen sodomy as his weapon du jour with which to batter and destroy the Church. After the scandals in the US, Ireland, and Germany, you'd think the Vatican would have made wiping out this plague the first article on its agenda. But, no, instead the pope and his closest advisors appear to be hell bent (no pun intended) on making adultery seemly in Catholic parishes around the globe! I'm glad only that my ancestors, all faithful Catholics, never lived to see this degradation.

  7. Never lived to see this degradation? it was always this way or at least in Canada. ps my parents grew up in roman catholic run residential school.the stories that they talk about,is exactly what was going on here?

  8. The time has come to re vamp the entire Catholic Church form the studs out... tear it down and start again. That means religious orders with vows of celibacy and some that do not. 100% transparency... in everything including the Vatican Bank. No more Masonic P2 billion dollar rip offs. Excommunicate Masonic priests and bishops (as is commanded by doctrine). And have a rotating board of lay people in a position to veto Papal BS like the birth control decision that was classic Stack-The-Deck decision making by an independent panel of laity and clergy. Let's end the theatre and flush out flotsam and jetsom of the Vatican bureaucracy. They can go to San Francisco's Castro District and have a gay old time.


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