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BREAKING: TCDSB Trustee De Domenico calls for a special board meeting in an effort to force Del Grande to apologize for supporting Catholic teaching

TCDSB Trustee Michael Del Grande

In a stunning move reminiscent of Fascist Italy, Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) Trustee Markus De Domenico has called for a special board meeting this coming Monday - December 23rd - with the sole goal of forcing fellow Trustee Michael Del Grande to recant his view that the recent changes to the Code of Conduct are "evil," and his supposed "harassment" of student Trustee Taylor Dallin.

As covered previously on Toronto Catholic Witness, the TCDSB recently changed their Code of Conduct on November 7th, to include those suffering from the delusion that they are transgender, homosexual, or bisexual as "protected grounds" against discrimination. This was in response to a  letter they received from the Ontario Human Rights Commission on September 17th, threatening them with legal consequences if they did not comply with these demands. This letter, in turn, was likely in response to a complaint made by TCDSB teacher Paulo De Buono to the Commission, for that is precisely the sort of thing he would be concerned about, as I detailed here

On November 7th, only 4 trustees stood in opposition to these changes. One of them was Del Grande. The other 8 - backed as they were by the Archdiocese of Toronto in an unprecedented intervention - have been exposed as the dissenters and unfaithful Catholics they are.

At other school boards, the matter would have been closed up immediately, and things would have returned to business as usual. Not so for the TCDSB. Since that historic meeting, Del Grande has increasingly found himself under attack from not only his fellow Trustees, but also from secular media such as The Toronto StariHeart Radio, CBC News, and CP24. Even John Tory and Stephen Lecce have gotten involved. In a word, it is relentless. Insane. Satanic.

Part of this comes from the fact that Del Grande has emerged as the voice on the Board protesting the loudest against the changes and has made the dissenters squirm most uncomfortably in their seats. He has even gone so far as to call the changes "evil," as he did in a statement posted to LifeSiteNews on December 13th.

Naturally, this has drawn the ire of the Trustees and their supporters. Who wants their actions to be called evil? Chief amongst them seems to be De Domenico. However, it gets much worse than that.

In an article posted by The Star on Tuesday, we have learned that an "anonymous fax" was sent to their offices alleging that Del Grande verbally assaulted and harassed Student Trustee Taylor Dallin "for her more progressive and welcoming views." Dallin, who is pro-abortion and supports LGBT rights, supposedly cried during this conversation, and is now under a safety plan while an outside lawyer conducts an investigation. This has been corroborated by LifeSiteNews.

It bears mentioning that the release of this information breached the oath of office undertaken by Trustees not to reveal what happens behind closed doors.

In yet another article written by The Star on Tuesday, Tory has termed Del Grande's words and actions as "dinosaur-like," which says much about how he views the Catholic Church's teaching.

Lecce has commented that this warrants a "fulsome investigation," despite being Catholic himself. Does he also view the Catholic Church as being "dinosaur-like?"

Much the same could be said about De Domenico, whom Barona has exposed as a traitor. De Domenico has informed the Star that he is calling for a special board meeting in an effort to force Del Grande to apologize for his views, as well as his actions against Dallin. This meeting will happen on Monday, December 23rd, a mere two days before Christmas. That ought to tell you how "Catholic" the Board is.

Friends, make no mistake. The assault against Del Grande is Satanic. It is only escalating. If one considers that it is designed to have him come to the side of the majority opinion, it is also fascist. (This is particularly ironic considering that a majority of the Trustees come from an Italian background.)

Del Grande needs our support. He needs it badly, for it is a very lonely fight he is fighting in the Boardroom. He not only needs our prayers. He also needs to hear from you. His supporters. Write him an email at mike [dot] delgrande [at] tcdsb [dot] org. Call him at 416-512-3407. If you have a blog, blog about it.

Evil succeeds when good people do nothing. So do something.

We cannot sit idly by while this man is attacked for proclaiming the most simple tenets of our Faith. This attack is from Satan's minions, who appear to be using several people to achieve their goals.

More will come on this matter. Watch this space.

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John Haggerty said...

Those who are pushing Gender Ideology are not so different from those pushing drugs in the school playground.

I hope Michael Del Grande will hold on to this truth in the difficult weeks that lie ahead of him.

Drug pushers are out to make money, but pushers of Gender Ideology are merely cranks, albeit dangerous cranks, because like pedophiles, they want to get their hands on children.

In the 19th Century Gender Ideologists would have been cranks like *theosophists, upland Baptists, Swedenborgians* - I am quoting from a short essay by Tom Wolfe, written in 1972, as an introduction to Arnold Beichman's critical book on American intellectuals, *Nine Lies About America*.

Theosophists believed in a fantasy called *cosmic consciousness* because they did not believed in the Bible, but you could not talk them out of their crankish idiocy.

So it is with Gender Crackpots.

The one difference is that Gender Crackpots will scream and shout down opposition, rig committees, intimidate men of weak mind like Cardinal Collins, or resort to tears like poor little Taylor Dallin, a clever ruse when all else fails. I suspect Missie Taylor is highly skilled at getting her own way, rather like Scarlett O'Hara!

Gender Crackpots are like fascists, because they allow no public or private opposition to their views.

Gender crackpots are like pedophiles, because their aim is the corruption of very young minds. Little children are to be sacrificed to the god of LGBTQ, because the god of LGBTQ demands such a sacrifice.

There's to be a Brave New World, and it begins with the sexual indoctrination of children too young to question the motives of their corrupters.

Politicians, academics, churchmen, media personalities, teachers, civil servants, town hall staff, social workers, NGO administrators, promoters of the arts, entrepreneurs and executives ... all must bow down before the god of LGBTQ, and its poisonous little offshoot, Gender Ideology.

It is like that statue of the satanic Baphomet in America, with two children standing beside him as if he is Father Christmas. (See photo on Internet.)