Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Rome's role in the Catholic education crisis currently befalling the Archdiocese of Toronto

We here at Toronto Catholic Witness have been covering the great betrayal enacted by the Archdiocese of Toronto just under a week and a half ago, whereby it inserted itself into the affairs of the TCDSB, and approved of the delusion of gender ideology being written into the Code of Conduct. The delusion of transgenderism is no longer viewed or treated as such. It is now seen as a good instead of as the evil it is

Although I have been reluctant to pin the betrayal on the Cardinal, due to what I perceived to be his good character and manipulation by others, I have recently been given to believe he is not as blameless as I thought. He is responsible for this. In the spirit of charity, all I can permit myself to say at this juncture is that I hope the grace of God leads him to repentance one day. 

However, charity also obliges me to assert that we would not be in this mess had Rome not been acting particularly un-Roman for the last 50 to 60 years. 

It is no secret in the Catholic world that the Second Vatican Council unleashed a torrent of chaos and confusion. The poison that had been leaking into the Church prior to the Council, rather than purified, was given an impetus to spread throughout the Church. 

Throughout the 70s and 80s, the Old Mass was virtually pushed aside into a junk drawer in favour of the New, a Mass designed to "appeal to the most modernistic of Protestants" as famously asserted in The Ottaviani Intervention. Many religious orders did away with their habits, and adopted modern dress. This was especially true with female orders. Timeless prayers and hymns were discouraged, cast off, or retranslated so the needs of modern man could be met. Churches were "wreakovated," with the work of our ancestors disgracefully cast out onto the public streets. It was a terrible time.

It was especially terrible when it came to Catholic education. When the religious clothing habits came off, so too did many of the old habits of education. The teachings of old - teachings of hell, repentance and instruction in virtue that had been distilled to the faithful for centuries - were done away with, from Italy to Britain to America. Instead, new, heretical teachings - such as the cosmological Christ, the Church solely as a social justice institution, and the debasement of grace in favor of nature  - were instilled into innocent hearts and minds. What the Church had built up for close to two thousand years to that point was swept away as if it didn't count. In a way, that's exactly how it was viewed - the older it was, the more useless it was. After all, Catholicism had to become relevant. 

This debasement of Catholic education was felt the world over. It was felt in the Archdiocese of Toronto, unlike what some would have you believe. All you have to do is look around. Paulo De Buono is not an isolated incident. There are other teachers like him - teachers who have bought into the idea that Catholicism is a religion of social justice, where nature superseded grace, amongst other heretical ideas. These ideas were impressed upon them as authentic Catholicism by their school teachers in the 70s onwards, cemented by what they heard from the pulpit on Sunday from their priests. I daresay some of their parents had a role in the dissemination of these "teachings."

The educational crisis in the Archdiocese of Toronto has to be viewed in the global context. It is all connected.

Looking at the examples of Paulo De Buono, Maria Rizzo, and Thomas Cardinal Collins - all teachers in their own way - it is unfortunately a crisis set to continue, with most teachers and parents playing a role. In this macabre game, the souls of the innocent children are the stakes. 

The dissenting teachers still pass on these "Catholic teachings" from their own teachers to the next generation. I know because I have heard it from their mouths as a student myself. 

Parents - either born Catholic or received into the Church as an adult -  brought up in the 60s onwards by and large continue to present these "teachings" as Catholic to their children. I know this because I hear it from the mouth of my mom from time to time, who was born during the Council.

Children who do not learn better later on in life will further this crisis through their own children, presuming they have any. After all, error begets error. 

This is a crisis that could have been avoided had Rome elected to truly begin to act Roman in 1962, when the bishops of the world were called together. Alas, the corruption was too deep, and the Council became the detonator of dissent and heresy. The tragic result is two generations lost to the Faith, with the danger of even more generations to follow.

Unless heroic action is taken, Catholic education will cease to exist


Brian said...

Good post here. I taught for many years here in Ontario Catholic schools. In 1966 our venerable Roman Catechism was abrogated as a basis for future religious instruction in Catholic schools. Overnight, Catholic schools went from doctrinal religious education to non-doctrinal education. Gone was descriptive clarity on matters of faith and gone was prescriptive/proscriptive clarity on morals and discipline, a clarity that rested on the foundation of the Roman Catechism and a dedicated teaching community. Today's religious ed. lacks any stable and abiding doctrinal framework/foundation. Everything is in a state of flux. Every item of faith and morals has a shelf life. Overseeing this meltdown, of course, are thousands of bishops just like Timid Tommy (Collins). When it comes to doctrinal oversight and vigilance our bishops have been AWOL for sixty years.

J Haggerty said...

*This debasement of Catholic education was felt the world over.*

As you also say, *Paulo De Buono is not an isolated incident. There are other teachers like him ... *
And many members of the hierarchy support De Buono's views.
Wuerl, Cupich, Dolan, Robert W. McElroy, to name just a few of the American culprits.

Paulo De Buono can even justify his stance by citing Pope Francis, who in his private audience with Fr. James Francis, has given papal backing to the New Morality. New Catholic Church, New Morality. It is that simple.

Dr. James White, a distinguished Baptist theologian and director of the Alpha and Omega ministries, doubts if Pope Francis is even Trinitarian.
Dr. White is probably correct in his assessment.

Francis is also a universalist; he openly confessed it.

And if Eugenio Scalfari is to be trusted, Francis does not believe in the bodily Resurrection, but only in some subjective idea of the Lord's spirit.
In other words, a ghost. Like the ghost of Hamlet's father.
If the Lord is not risen, we are still in our sins as St. Paul said.

As you say, for the crisis in Toronto, read the crisis everywhere.

Catholics are living through what Vatican III.
This is the final act in the Modernist takeover of the Church.
Father William Jenkins of the Society of Pius V said we should not be surprised by this, since it began at Vatican II.

Pope Francis and his team have launched the New Catholic Church.
It is not Christian, or rather it is a Modernist's idea of what it means to be Christian.
Progressive Protestants in America share the Francis vision; they are Christian agnostics, if that makes sense; and they are all pro-LGBTQ, and very pro-Democrat.

Now we know what Bergoglio meant when he said things would never be the same again.
The Amazon Synod was a curtain raiser for the New Catholicism.
No wonder Soros and the Hollywood celebrities were flocking to worship there!

The pope is in apostasy.
The question is:
Will our faithful priests and bishops say so?

How much longer will Pope Benedict remain silent?

Everyday For Life Canada said...

Regrettably, in the face of all this legal protection and the long history of Catholic education in Canada, the Catholic trustees decided to capitulate to the idol of "equity and inclusive education." They even celebrated the vote as a victory and an answer to their "prayers." The trustees chose gender theory over the two great Commandments to love neighbour and God. They rejected the faith and reason for inclusive language and identity politics. The anti-Catholic vote that took place on November 8 is another nail in the coffin of Catholic education in Ontario and Canada too. Whether this is the final nail will depend on what parents do next. But no doubt the way forward for Catholic education has now been made much more difficult and complicated. Here's the question that needs a solid response: why have a separate school system if it's no longer Catholic and Catholics aren't willing to defend it?

J Haggerty said...

What will Catholic children be like 20 years from now, after they have grown up in an unholy, heretical, and pagan church?

They will face crippling sexual identity problems because of Gender Ideology.
Their priests and bishops will be little more than New Age talk show hosts.

*Children of the Church of Aquarius* would make a good book title, written by an anti-Modernist Catholic theologian.

We were warned that the Age of Aquarius was dawning, weren't we?
We just never imagined it would dawn in Catholic Rome!

Please watch:
*Fr. (William) Jenkins comments on Francis' children's book.*
What Catholics Believe. 3 March 2016. YouTube.

Irenaeus said...

Brian, thank you for those interesting tidbits of information.

Mr. Haggarty, I wouldn't fall into such talk at this juncture. The future is uncertain. We could certainly be surprised by the priests being trained here and now. In this diocese, there is a growing appreciation for the "old stuff" by some of the seminarians, and I attended the diaconate ordination of a man quite friendly to the Old Mass this weekend. Pray for him, those in his class, and those after them.

Irenaeus said...

Everyday for Life Canada - Yes, why the need? I have been asking myself that question as well.

J Haggerty said...

Are my words immoderate, Irenaeus?

Bishop Barron said that it is all too easy to let our tongues run away with us on these comment boxes, and that we must always think twice.
No one would quarrel with the bishop's call for moderation, though many of us wish he would get off the fence now and then.

On November 6 you wrote of Pope Francis: *Let me say it again. Bergoglio is an evil man. We have an evil man sitting on the papal chair.*

All I have written is that the pope may have denied the physical resurrection of Christ, embraces universalism, and may not believe in the Trinity.
This no more makes him *evil* than the former Episcopal archbishop of Scotland, Richard Holloway, a woolly-headed, well-meaning agnostic.

To deny that the pope is apostate is to ignore his push for One World Religion, where wacky gurus get the papal hug. This is the Age of Aquarius, Roman style.

Aquarian sexuality is part of the programme, hence the pope's support of Fr. James Martin. Neither have the guts to ask gay people to take up their cross and follow the Lord, who never promised anyone an easy life.

Praise the Lord that you know traditional priests in Canada, but how many of them will turn into Cupich, Wuerl, Dolan and Robert McElroy, the four horseman of the Rainbow New Age Apocalypse?

The Italian evangelical Leonardo de Chirico said that ever since Vatican II, Rome has been *programmatically searching outside herself*, looking for anything that can *enrich her*.
Anything means anything *spiritual* even if it denies Jesus as the only mediator between the Father and men.

Your traditional young priests belong in their hearts to the pre-Conciliar Church, which is despised by the hierarchy.
Your young priests have everything in common with Fr. William Jenkins, Archbishop Lefebvre, and nothing in common with Pope Francis and all those clerical careerists who lip-read the official script at the Amazon Synod.

I would go so far as to say that this is more than *a New Catholicism*.
It is a new 21st Century religion with nothing Catholic about it except the bishops' mitres and robes.
Now we know what to call it.

Pachamama Church will go down well with the young and old everywhere.
Once the ladies in dangling earrings have been welcomed as Roman priestesses, there will be no stopping it.

An elderly woman told me the other day: *You belong to the Age of Pisces and this is the Age of Aquarius. Your brand of Christianity is over.*

People think they are too clever for the Cross.

J Haggerty said...

Please watch:

The Vortex - Lies and Cover-Up.
Church Militant. 20 November 2019. YouTube.

As one comment says: *Father Perrone is a heterosexual, orthodox Catholic priest who teaches the Catholic faith* and the unholy hierarchy were determined to smear his name.
This is the *New Pagan Catholic Church* in all its ruthless power.

John Haggerty said...

Please watch:
Sedevacantism - What Catholics Believe.
22 March 2014. YouTube.

As Father William Jenkins said, the fundamental principle of Modernism is that every man and woman experiences God in his or her own way.
This they call *faith experience*.

Modernists will welcome traditionalists into their fold, said Father Jenkins, as long as traditionalists can give up ONE idea, namely:

*That there is one true God who has one true Son, Jesus Christ, who is the one true Lord and Saviour, and the only Lord and Saviour, who has taught us one true faith, and who has given us one true Church.*

As Michael J. Matt has said, God speed the day when the faithful can stop calling themselves *traditional Catholics*, and just say Catholic.

Pope Francis and most of his bogus hierarchy will be long retired and gone before that happy day.