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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

20 more years under Francis? No thanks!


geoff kiernan said...

Your Point is...???

Irenaeus said...


J Haggerty said...

The point, Mr Kiernan, is that the Church is in the gravest crisis since the Reformation, and that Francis has allowed even greater moral drift because of his policy of appeasement.
The sheep are without a pontifical shepherd.

Please watch The Vortex - 'Evil Engineers' (YouTube) Church Militant 18 July 2019.
Michael Voris, who is the anchorman of Vortex, is the Hilaire Belloc of our time.
But even Belloc did not have to contend with the relentless and demonic destruction of the Church from within.

Evil paedophiles, cowardly bishops, homosexual predators, rank modernists, New Age pagans, real and actual Satanists - all operating inside the once holy priesthood and at the highest levels!
What happened to the all the hopes of Vatican II and the 'Little Springtime' of Brother Roger of Taize?

Will the true and faithful priests and nuns as well as the laity like Barona, Michael Voris and Michael Matt, save the Catholic Church from total meltdown?
Pope Francis is like Neville Chamberlain in 1939. We desperately needs a Churchill.

There is a real chance that the rest of the Catholic world will follow the example of Ireland, walking away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and into the darkness of apostasy.

Our Lady prophesied to two children in France in the 19th Century:
'Rome will lose the faith.'

geoff kiernan said...

J Haggerty:
You are speaking to the converted. I agree wholeheartedly with every point you make.
The 'point' I was making in my first comment was that the blogger failed to portray/convey any such notion thereby leaving our critics (of the Modernist variety) the opportunity to labor their oft-stated contention that we (of the traditionalist variety) simply ridicule the Pope at every turn with no regard for the facts ( as stated by you).
To show the 'Pope' as simply disheveled, aged and unshaven played right into their hands.
May the God of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church ( The Bride of Christ) Bless you.

nazareusrex said...

Bergoglio es un castigo para la Iglesia porque la jerarquía apostata eligió el pecado eligieron a Satanás en lugar de elegir a Dios. Quienes se unen al anti Papa Bergoglio cometen pecado de apostasía. Porque el Dogma del Papado dice que es imposible que un papa legitimo caiga en herejía al ver reinar la herejía en Bergoglio podemos comprender que a este apostata lo guía el demonio.

nazareusrex said...

Al fuego del Infierno son castigados el Falso Profeta Bergoglio, junto con Satanás y la Bestia que engañaron a los que se dejaron sellar con la marca de la sodomo-apostasía.

John Haggerty said...

I take your point Geoff, though I do not think Irenaeus intended to ridicule Pope Francis.

John Henry Newman thought that a very long papacy can have unfortunate consequences.
He said that the pontiff who serves too long can become cruel without knowing it, and autocratic.
The Vatican and the Curia must now be a very toxic place. Factions and gossip abound, and moral and financial corruptions continue to fester.

Who could have imagined in my youth that homosexuality would tear both the Catholic Church and the Protestant denominations apart?
The two men (American) who started the Stonewall Movement modelled their campaign on Civil Rights and Martin Luther King.
They couldn't have dreamed how successful they would be.
It is now professional suicide to express concerns about homosexual marriage and adoption.

Mary is said to have appeared to two children, Maximin Giraud and Melanie Calvat, at La Salette in 1846.

If memory serves, the Cure d'Ars (Saint John Vianney) did not believe the children, and scolded them harshly. Through long prayer, no doubt, he changed his mind.
The idea of Rome losing the faith would have been unthinkable even in anti-clerical France!

The Marian devotion that sprang from La Salette influenced John Bosco and the French novelist Joris-Karl Huysmans (1848-1907), author of the classic novel 'A Rebours'.
The published letters of Huysmans are worth reading for they tell of his journey out of atheism and sin.

Huysmans returned to the faith through the example and prayers of a holy priest.
The English title of his famous novel, 'Against Nature', is telling.
Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said that unless we can agree that homosexual acts are against nature, no pastoral approach to the problem will ever bear fruit.

I suspect that the next pope will act decisively on this issue that has now become a running sore.
He will need to remove all those bishops who have embraced the Gay Agenda.
This will mean a head-on confrontation with Western governments as well as the mass media.
A Churchill indeed!

John Haggerty said...

Please watch YouTube:

The Vortex - Blistering Clarity. You Bet.
July 19 2019. Church Militant.

Barona said...

Pope Francis ("Bergoglio" means he is not Pope; does it not? otherwise why call him "Begoglio"?) to be the False Prophet means that we need to Antichrist. However, the Man of Perdition has yet to appear. No, the decpetion will be far, far more cunning. No, the False Prophet as the right-hand man of the Antichrist will probably masquerade as a "traditionalist", but with just that one subtle bit of poison...

Barona said...

I must say, Pope Francis looks marvelous for a man nearly 100!!!

John Haggerty said...

The deception will be cunning in its design as Barona says, and thus extremely sophisticated.
Whether in its origins it will spring from Rome and the Vatican is not for us to know.

Read a blog (Ligonier Ministries) by the theologian Sinclair Ferguson: Can Satan Deceive God's Elect?

'Jesus did not say the elect were incapable of being deceived,' writes Mr Sinclair. 'We are all only too capable of it. Nevertheless, we are given this assurance: God will protect and preserve His people. Like Simon Peter, they will be shielded by the prayers of Christ and the power of God (Luke 22: 31-32). This is accomplished through the activity of faith. (1 Peter: 1-5).'

I think it was St. Faustina who prayed for all those souls who would be alive at the time of the great deception.
We are called to follow her example.

Barona said...

I concur with you John. We have been warned in Sacred Scripture that the time will be short, for even the elect will be deceived. How could the elect be deceived unless the deception were not incredibly subtle? We must remember that the Crucifixion of the Church will follow the pattern of the Crucifixion of Christ. Just as He was killed by the "popes" of His day, and rejected by the Elders, and the vast majority of those who at time belonged to the One, True religion, so too, at the coming of Antichrist (who will be a Jew)the Church led by the False Prophet (a type of Caiaphas)will re-crucify the remaining members of the Church. The good thief perhaps represents the remnant Jews who will convert (having stolen the Truth of Jesus Christ from their coreligionists, they now repent); the bad Thief the remaining Jews who will throw in with Antichrist. Much is clouded in mystery. I recommend "The Antichrist" by the late 19th century Jewish convert, the Abbe Lemmann. This excellent book, is a detailed review of the Church Fathers teachings on the Last Days and the Antichrist. We know the Antichrist will be a world leader, arising from obscurity, and a man of "peace"... So far we have no sign of this man. He may be alive, or yet to be born. Another sign Our Lord warned us about is that before this evil man appears the world will be subdued in horrible evil. There is no doubt it is getting much worse, but I still believe far more evil needs to happen before the stage is set. Western Europe and the United States/Canada are still transitioning to fascism and I think we are maybe 10 or so years off before this happens. The Antichrist will also control the world through cyber technology (as an apostate Jew, probably through the Zionist State of Israel, which is possibly the No. 1 superpower in cyber technology right now. They are building two new tech hubs: one in the Galilee and the other in the Negev. All this paid for by US tax dollars, and backed by heretical "Christian Zionists"). We are not yet there with the technology, but with artificial intelligence around the corner, world control can easily be obtained by a very small but powerful clique. Friends do not be deceived. Do not leave the Church. Watch and Pray.

John Haggerty said...

Thanks for recommending Abbe Joseph Lehmann (1836-1915), I shall search out his book.

Jewish men and women who convert set us a profound example.
Alfred Edersheim (1825-1889) converted from Judaism and wrote a book that's still in print, 'Jesus the Messiah'.
And now we have the Jews for Jesus movement

Scripture says that in the last days 'knowledge shall be manifold' or 'shall increase' (Daniel 12:4).
Technology has multiplied these last 10 years. I seem to be the only person who neither owns a smartphone nor has a Facebook account.
Even now I am astonished by my laptop and the ease with which I can contact Toronto Catholic.

As you say Barona, Artificial Intelligence is almost here. Experts in the field express their disquiet over A.I. in TED lectures on YouTube.

Martin Amis said that we are five Einsteins away from explaining the universe's existence. But this will be a universe without God.
I rather feel that waiting for this future Einstein will be like waiting for someone who never comes. 'Godot', indeed.

The Permissive Society destroyed the sacrament of marriage and the Christian family, making way for the Gay Agenda.
Mothers who once passed on the faith to their children now dabble in the occult.
Tara cards and channelling are in. The Bible is out.
Scotland and Ireland have been called the most rapidly secularised countries in Europe.

The one world religion will set the stage for Antichrist's appearance.
Think of those idolatrous gurus like Sri Chinmoy Ghose who denied the lordship of Jesus and sat on their own little thrones.
Ghose loved to be made a fuss of inside the Vatican and enjoyed the cult of Mystery Babylon.

We need men and women of prayer who are not ashamed of the Gospel - Catholics like Frank Sheed and Protestants like Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

They will be called to preach Jesus Christ in the devil's kingdom.

Irenaeus said...

Francis is too open and frank about his disdain for the traditions of the Church to be either the False Prophet or the Antichrist. I don't know how to describe it - there's just something about him that negates assertions like that in my mind.

Some argue we are living in the time of the Great Apostasy under Francis. I find that sort of assertion incredulous. The term Great Apostasy implies apostasy widespread and without relief - to the Church's credit, we see several bastions of Faith and such in our time still.

Hold fast and pray. Perhaps the greatest means to stave off the times to come so that you don't have to see it is to make reparations for the sins you have committed, and the sins of those who don't know any better.

John Haggerty said...

I wrote 'Tara cards' when I should have written Tarot.
Tarot is bad news whatever name it goes by.
Women of all ages have a propensity for this occult card game as pagans of my own generation used to 'do' the I-Ching - a cult beloved by Carl Gustav Jung, father of the New Age.

Can I make a suggestion for Catholic ladies who follow this blog?

Start a mission for women who are involved in New Age - Wicca, thelemic magic, Yoga, spiritualism, channelling, astrology, fortune telling, Mindfulness, visualisation, and Tibetan Buddhism.
Go right into the Devil's kingdom.
Go to New Age fairs, malls, theaters, colleges and government buildings with Christian tracts.
The Holy Spirit will honour your faithfulness and prayers.
Many lost sheep will come to Christ.

The conversion of pagan women (in Canada, the US and Europe) will be crucial if we are to 'Christianise the culture' as Bishop Robert Barron puts it.
Women are mothers and nurturers of children so their role is central in Christian evangelism.

Almost 50 years ago Os Guinness wrote a prophetic book, 'The Dust of Death', which rescued me from the Sri Chinmoy cult.
Mr. Guinness said that the West was ripe for a kind of take-over by Eastern thought and practice.
Sad to say that take-over is now complete!

The Gay Machine inside the church and inside society has its roots in paganism just as the transgender movement has its roots in the Ying-Yang philosophy of the East.
Priests like James Martin promote a Gnostic New Age Catholicism as do members of the US hierarchy like Cupich, Wuerhl, Brady and McElroy.

Either these men should never have been priests or they have gone so badly astray that they have ceased to be Christian in any normative sense.
Pseudo-Christian might be the right term, which would also cover many Episcopalians and liberal churches and Protestant ministers who are Freemasons.

What is clear is that corruption has reached the top of the Catholic hierarchy as Archbishop Vigano stated.

I inherited a book from my late father published by the old Catholic Book Club. It is a study of John Wesley from a Catholic perspective.
On his deathbed this great preacher of the 18th Century is said to have uttered these words:
'I gave them Christ.'

Would that we all could say it with our last breath before we enter Eternity!

John Haggerty said...

I misspelled the name of Donald Wuerl.
I wrote the name Brady when I meant to write Dolan, Timothy M. Dolan, a self-styled applause junkie in love with the razzle-dazzle, who might have swaggered out of a crime novel by John Gregory Dunne.

These bishops and a number of others have brought such disgrace on the Church in the United States that a widespread criminal investigation is called for.

In a number of cases essential evidence on the sexual abuse of children, as well as financial malfeasance, has been shredded ahead of investigation by the law.
Princes of the Church who are afraid of the truth, afraid of standing in the dock (as we say in the United Kingdom) of a criminal court!

Barona said...

John you hit the nail on the head:

"Women are mothers and nurturers of children so their role is central in Christian evangelism".

Even women who have not born children are called to spiritual maternal life. One suggestion to them (and to men as well, for that matter), is to reduce, minimize use of the internet. Especially the very dangerous and destructive social media platforms. Twitter (I am trying to reduce my usage of it to essential news items, and/or ideas and concepts that most Catholics are confused about. For example, the very disconcerting fact that the vast majority of "traditional" and or "conservative" Catholics now adhere to the Manichean ideology of the Neocons). "My country right or wrong" is absolutely NOT Christian and a very, very dangerous principle. Sadly, if a major (and it will be disastrous war) breaks out in the Middle East, we shall see the vast majority of Neocon Catholics (a contradiction in terms) following blindly behind the roars for war emanating from the Neocons. It should be reminded that those who clamour for war are under diabolical influence. Satan loves war.

I shall be preparing (time permitting) a post on the artificial "Republican" versus "Democrat" fraud that most believe in.

John Haggerty said...

I look forward to your article on Republican-Democrat.

Christians feel alienated from party politics of the 21st Century.
In France the word 'socialist' always carried overtones of anti-clericalism.

Today in the United Kingdom liberal-left people have swept aside all memory of God and Christian history. As a result people of faith are seeking a new kind of conservatism.
One that holds to pro-life on abortion and pro normative marriage.
Jordan Peterson understands that the Left is now intolerant of dissent.

A street preacher I spoke to in Cheltenham (he studied at Birmingham Bible College) told me: 'England may be so far along the road of unbelief that there is no way back.'