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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

All I want to do is vomit

A few hours ago, I came across this image from The Wild Voice.

All I want to do is vomit. And cry. Cry myself to sleep. Cry over this man who probably doesn't care that I am moved to sorrowful tears over what he doesn't do towards fixing the Church, what fresh heresy he utters, and whatever else he does to insult She Whom he is supposed to protect, not to mention Our Lord.

I love the Church. I came to Her relatively late for a person of my social standing, but I love Her all the same. I love Her more with each passing day, the more I learn about Her, Him, and Their people. 

This explains why I have such a visceral reaction whenever I see new heresies such as this one come out the one who is supposed to love Her the most and defend Her with a passion outstripping those of others: the Pope. The Vicar of Christ. The one who re-presents Him on Earth.

How does he not love Our Lord and His Bride? It is difficult for me to comprehend emotionally, even though I live with people who do not love either Him or Her.

I have long since come to the conclusion that he does not either believe in or love Him. I don't know if he ever has. 

Some people, for whatever reason, don't have those supernatural gifts of faith and love. I suspect the Pope is one such person, based on his fruits.

I suppose I should be used to it by now, but it is still shocking for me to realize - daily -  we are guided by an evil man, who is in turn guided by evil men.

All of whom do not love neither Him nor Her - either at all or as they should.

It is truly vomit- and tear-inducing.

May God help us, and strengthen our resistance, weathering this storm battering the Church of Christ.

We will survive this. But it will not be without blood, sweat, vomit, or tears.


Kathleen1031 said...

We all have to have our moments coming to terms with the fact that the Church is in tatters because of the evil men who hold all the cards, except one.

Catechist Kev said...

"If anyone says that all miracles are impossible, and that therefore all reports of them, even those contained in Sacred Scripture, are to be set aside as fables or myths; or that miracles can never be known with certainty, nor can the divine origin of the Christian religion be proved from them: let him be anathema." (Vatican Council I, Session 3: "Dogmatic Constitution on the Catholic Faith", § 3 "On Faith")

nazareusrex said...

Dear Brother in Christ I understand it is difficult to accept that an apostate sat in the chair of Peter, after the strange semi-resignation of Pope Benedict. An apostate who was chosen by the gay mafia of St. Gall to destroy the Church. If you find out about Bergoglio's past you will realize that he was already an apostate in Argentina, therefore he has never been a Pope.
Be strong that this is a test to prove our fidelity to Christ.
Now what is interesting is to wake up and defend the faith, from this destroyer who does not love Christ or the Church and who has deceived many Catholics to get where it is. Where he seek to subvert the Catholic faith with the unfortunately complicity of many Catholics who do not care that this evil man makes his own church to destroy our Catholic Church.