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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Pope Bergoglio of Rome's miracle of kneeling and kissing - for politicians!

Here, as helpfully provided by Fr. Jimmy Martin of the Society of Judas, Pope Bergoglio of Rome is kissing the feet of South Sudan president Salva Kiir, praying and begging for peace in the troubled land.

I thought His Humbleness had one lung and severe knee problems that prevent him from kneeling - kneeling, even, for Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament!

If so, it's a modern-day miracle! The headlines blare: "POPE WHO CAN'T KNEEL FOR BLESSED SACRAMENT SUDDENLY KNEELS FOR POLITICIANS." Or something like that.

What was it Our Lord said about trusting princes and popes - nay, politicians - let alone grovelling to them? Hmm?

Oh, right. "Put your trust not in them." This even applies to Catholic ones, as I am told Kiir is.

As for the Pope - or should I say Antipope? 


Do we even have to ask?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

its just disgusting...

its a shame for the name of "catholic"

The man that CAN NOT kneel before (what they belive as) Holy Mass Sacrifice

I hope that this farse will end soon... either by means of...

a) death of ratzinger (and the finish of the "Prophecy of the Popes")
b) the "3er temple" built on Holy Land
c) His own finish... or maybe that his handlers "renunce" him (as they did with ratzinger!)