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Monday, 11 March 2019

Why is St. Michael's College School in Toronto promoting LGBTQ+ ideology on its school website?

Last week, Barona briefly mentioned the sad fact of St. Michael's College School in Toronto proudly displaying the rainbow flag of LGBTQ+ fame on its school website as a part of an article.

In case the article is pulled from the web, we have taken screenshots and are including them below. Take a good, hard look at the images and ask yourself the following questions:

Why is a supposedly Catholic school promoting the rainbow flag when it is associated with homosexuality?

Why are 12 to 14 year olds being taught how to sew and use sewing machines?

Why is a man leading the sewing class?

What is really being taught in the hallowed halls of St. Michael's College School?

Parents of students at SMCS, why are you sending your sons to this school if this is the sort of garbage being promoted and passed around?

1 comment:

Barona said...

Evidently, the display of the homosexual "flag" of so-called "gay liberation" does not disturb these parents.