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Thursday, 14 March 2019

Is the Faith in trouble at St. Michael's College School?

In light of the stunning revelation that St. Michael's College School in Toronto has officially endorsed the LGBTQ+ nonsense on their website, I wondered if there was further evidence of the decay of the Catholic faith at the school.

So, I spent some time watching one of their recent Masses, specifically the one that aired the day before the story of the sewing class was published on their website. The Ash Wednesday Mass.

What I saw and heard is almost beyond belief.

I expected the "gymnasium church," for I had the same thing in high school. I expected the bland vestments. I expected the multiple priests on the "altar."

What I did not expect was the insipid homily, given the school's branding as one of "goodness, discipline and knowledge".

The priest who gave the homily - I do not know his name - was dressed in the usual white alb and purple stole. But he immediately adopted a casual air by shoving his hands into his pockets as he began to speak. His homily contained a number of references to contemporary, modern culture, and gave them "recommendations" on how to fulfill the message of the Gospel, including "fasting from bullying," and other such nonsense, basing his entire homily on a David Bowie song.

Is this a normal homily at a Mass at St. Michael's College School? A homily making several - and unnecessary - references to modern culture? A homily about how the priest himself has changed over the years? A homily about what the priest himself has to give up for Lent? Moreover, I get that he is speaking to teenage boys, but do boys really need to hear yet another exhortation on not to bully? At the end of the day, it seems to have been yet another forgettable homily in a long line of forgettable homilies.

Yet, these Basilians pride themselves on passing on the Faith! I saw a poor example of that in the homily. Nor was it a good example of goodness, discipline and knowledge.

When it came time for Communion, there was the usual female Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion "handing out" Communion, Communion in the hand, and there was a distinct lack of reverence in the air. Almost like these boys didn't care about Who they were putting in their mouth. Many of them seemed to be smirking, swaggering, and there was a lot of chatting in the "pews."

I have seen more quietude in the Masses at the local Novus Ordo parish after Communion than I did here.

Is this what constitutes the Faith at St. Michael's College School? I have a sneaking suspicion it is.

In that case, not only does the Archdiocese of Toronto need to yank control of the school away from the Basilian Fathers - which neither of them will consider - but parents need to stop sending their children to this school. This is prime evidence of how sending one's children to a "Catholic" school is no guarantee of them keeping the Faith. Indeed, I daresay it contributes to its destruction.

If this Mass is any evidence at all, I have serious concerns about how rampant the disregard for the Faith is at St. Michael's College School. We have only seen bits and pieces of this disregard, on a surface level.

How deep does it go? Deeper than the rainbow flag?


Anonymous said...

Clearly, the desacralization project was fully implemented at SMCS: consider the cheap coffee table used as an "altar," the secular flags as backdrop, the fake "Eucharistic ministers," etc. A normal young man would want to run out of that assembly hall very quickly but they likely had no choice but to stand there. TS

Barona said...

One notices how members of the lay staff bestow "apostolic blessings" upon non-Catholics students during Holy Communion. Readers may wish to review last year's Ash Wednesday "Mass" etc. This practice of lay "blessings" from lay men and women is apparently well entrenched at this school.