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Monday, 11 February 2019

If you persist in sodomy, homosexuals, you will go to Hell

Sometimes, we cannot cloud our language with flowers and honey, but speak instead with thorns and vinegar.

This is one of those times.

Over the past several months, this writer has been watching with concern the "rise of the homosexual". It primarily began with the Mongeau Affair at the Toronto Oratory. Since then, this writer has noticed that homosexuals are gaining ascendancy in many realms, both inside and outside of the Church. More and more "rights" for active homosexuals are being sought after and demanded. Whether it is the "right" to "have the Church respect their goodness," march at a Disney park, or otherwise seek normalization of their behavior, it has been going on for much longer than this writer was aware of it, but it seems to be increasing as of late.

This writer has held their tongue about the dangers that active homosexuals face if they persist in their sodomy, arising from their own natural disposition to not cause contention, and a fear of failing in charity.

But no longer. It has reached a breaking point.

Listen well, those of you who are engaged in active homosexuality - or, sodomy. Listen well.

If you engage in anal or oral sex with someone of the same sex, you will go to Hell.

If you practice close intimacy - hugging, spooning, footsie, whatever filth - with someone of the same sex, you will go to Hell.

If you kiss someone of the same sex whom you consider to be a significant other, you will go to Hell.

If you give orgasms to someone of the same sex, you will go to Hell.

If you leave love letters or little books professing your "love" for someone of the same sex, you will go to Hell.

Of course, it goes without saying that those active in sodomy cannot receive Our Lord in the Eucharist. Yet, it has been done. I have seen it with my own eyes. Sin is added on top of sin.

None of what has just been said excludes the possibility of repentance on the part of the homosexual. For repentance is possible. It has been done. Just look at Daniel Mattson or Michael Voris.

However, sodomy is one of the four sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. While this writer has hope for the salvation of those who suffer from same-sex attractions - yet do not give into them - or those who once practiced sodomy but have since repented, I cannot hope the same for those who persist in active sodomy. Objectively, I cannot. Their souls will go to Hell if they do not repent.

There will be those who accuse me of speaking uncharitably. That is far from the case. It is from an area of deep concern, care, and compassion that I unloose my tongue after so many months.

Sodomites - you have been warned. Come back, and practice the chastity Our Lord called you to practice. Please. For your own sake. Before it is much too late.

Or else, this is the reality that awaits you. Do you really want to go there?

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Anonymous said...

You are not being uncharitable. You are speaking the truth. St. Thomas wrote that charity demands that we speak the truth.