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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

NY Governor says he's Catholic, yet sanctions abortions until birth

In yet another instance of Catholics being Catholic in name only (CINO), 56th New York State Governor Andrew Coumo has put this on his Twitter page:

Catholics worth their stripes know that the term "reproductive rights" as it is applied to sanctioning a woman's supposed "right" to kill her unborn child is pure bunk. No one has a right to kill anyone, much less an innocent child in the womb.

It is this "right" CINO Cuomo has now signed into law.

Shame on him. He is an apostate. He has forgotten the 5th commandment.

Does he not remember that this is what abortion does to innocent babies?

10-week-old abortion victim

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Barona said...

A most powerful post. Thank-you for this. What can we do? Most men's minds are darkened, and we have to somehow reach their minds again, via their hearts, to seek their re-conversion. Prayer and penance is the only way. The fact remains, Catholics have done this. We cannot blame anyone else. Here, in Canada, with the "Catholic" population at a good 50% or so over the past few decades; led by "Catholic" politicians, baby killing is widespread and held as a "sacred right" for women. The darkening of hearts and minds is so pervasive, so deeply embedded in Canadian society, that churchmen are silent, the laity are silent on this horror. A punishment is coming; something has to break. But this blood is crying to Heaven for Vengeance.

Let us hope and pray that Catholic in the United States will react in a most powerful way possible. Given the sate of society: Rosary Crusades are the only way to go. Even the feminists with their "keep your Rosaries off our ovaries" are aware of this. How is it that abortionists are more aware of the power of the Rosary, than most "Catholics".?